10 characters with the coolest armor

Like each Halo fan knows, armor comes in different shapes, colors and sizes. One of the exciting aspects of the new TV adaptation is how the various Mjolnir Powered Assualt Armor (MPAA) armors have been recreated for the main characters, many of whom are part of Silver Team, the elite Spartan military unit. -II led by John-117 aka Chief Master (Pablo Schreiber).

But in addition to the cool looking armor worn by the Silver Team, many other characters including Elites, Jackals, UNSC Officers, Insurgents, Politicians and others, wear different types of protective gear that stand out with style and flair in the popular. Halo TV series.


The silver team

Silver team wear black armor undersuits on Halo

While each member of the silver team has their own distinct MPAA when fighting, it’s worth mentioning the time they all spend in the show’s badass black armor underwear. Tactical, practical, sleek and stealthy as can be, protective undergarments look like futuristic suits meant for land or water. Even during downtime, the team is dressed to kill!

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With ribbed legs and sleeves, towering shoulder pads, and a bulletproof vest at the center of the armored ensemble, the black undergarments give the team a unified look reminiscent of the futuristic infantrymen of the TMNT franchise.

chief master

Chief Master holds a gun in green armor on Halo

As it should be for the most powerful Halo character, the most striking armor belongs to Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, the protagonist of the long-running game franchise and its adapted television series. Many fans were concerned about the detailed outlines of Chief Master’s signature appearance before the show, but have since expressed how perfect Master Chief looks in the show. The only complaint is that Chief barely wears enough armor, especially his helmet.

Beyond the really cool all-black undersuit, the team sports ensemble’s stunning metallic neon army green design fitted with a bright orange helmet visor isn’t just the coolest piece of armor. striking part of the series, but it’s a faithful representation of the beloved video game. character’s most advanced MPAA GEN3 armor. It’s everything fans wanted and more.


Vanak-134 wears black armor in Halo

With a slight variation on the impressive Spartan armor design, Vannak-134 (Bentley Kalu) has one of the most imposing protective garments in Halo. With two separate tubes attached from chest to chest and two more that cover his shoulders, Vannak-134 needs extra protection as the Silver Team’s sub-leader and assault tactician. He almost looks like Darth Vader at times.

While Vannak-134 swaps out Chief Master’s army green paint for a darker color, the blood mixed with sand and debris on his chest plate makes the character look extra badass. The orange visor is particularly striking, putting it almost on par with the iconic Chief Master look.


Rice kneels in battle while wearing armor in Halo

As Team Silver’s Chief Communications Specialist, Riz-028 (Natasha Culzac) sports another impressive, slightly modified piece of Spartan armor on the show. The fiery red color of her face visor is the first thing that stands out, denoting danger to anyone who spots her on the battlefield.

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Accented by blood red markings on her back and ribcage, notice the super cool antennae near her ears and the supercharged comms backpack she carries. With a holster on his hip and one of the most detailed and impenetrable helmet designs, Riz-028’s armor is not only visually striking, but also practical because he can be assigned his role.


Kai-125 holds a rifle on a cliff in Halo

The final member of the silver team, replaced by the blue team in games, includes Kai-125 (Kate Kennedy), the skilled sniper who can shoot with high accuracy at long ranges. She also wears a similar Spartan MPAA suit, but it’s the drastic blue-green color of her helmet’s visor that really stands out.

While Kai-125’s armor appears to feature less color on the body and limbs of its black suit, the wider, squarer shoulder straps differ a bit from Vannak-134’s. Additionally, Kai-125’s protective earmuffs are rotated 90 degrees from the aligned angle on Master Chief’s armor, giving his helmet an impressive and unique appearance.


Soren-066 wears armor as an adult and child in Halo

In Halo, Soren-066 (Jude Cudjoe and Bokeem Woodbine) is a Spartan defector who would later lead the Insurgency on the Rubble. As a teenager, he sports a badass MPAA with a metallic sheen similar to that of RoboCop. As an adult, Soren-066 adds a sleek samurai-style jacket with long tails that gives him an ancient yet futuristic look. Both armored outfits are pretty badass!

As a youth, Soren-066’s armor features two high shoulder covers that almost look like a metal life jacket. As he ages and gets stronger, he loses the tall shoulders but still retains his exposed red-orange belly that almost looks like spilled guts, perfect for a traitorous character.

Jin and Kwan Ha

Jin consoles Kwan in battle in Halo

With the Spartan armor out of the way, it’s time to look at the protective gear worn by some of the other prominent Halo characters. The first two that stand out are Madrigal’s father-daughter insurgents Jin (Jeong-hwan Kong) and Kwan Ha (Yerin Ha). With fewer resources at their disposal, their low-tech armor is meant to reflect the disadvantages they have on the battlefield.

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The rudimentary DYI Jin and Kwan sports armor is largely made up of thick cloth bracers, several padded vests, thick coats to limit body damage, and a large backpack to prevent damage from sneak attacks in back. The Bedouin appearance is visually striking and thematically significant at the same time.


Black and red armor worn by elites in Halo

Also known as Shangheili, the Elites are a fierce species of saurian warriors in the Halo franchise. When the Elites appear in the TV show, they sport two types of armor which bear distinct colors and visual patterns. The black armor of the Elites gives them an alien appearance thanks to the oblong shoulder pads and similarly shaped helmet design which has a pointed, downward sloping nose guard.

With a more savage and menacing design, the Red Armored Elites have a much scarier yet cool helmet design that almost resembles the detailed outlines of a blood-soaked human brain. Reserved for alpha Elite leaders, the helmet exposes the nose and features much more rounded shoulder pads.

Jackals (Kig-Yar)

A jackal attacks with a sword on Halo

Also known as Kig-Yar, jackals are hostile avian/reptile hybrids that have their own unique combat ranks. In the Halo A TV show, the Jackals sport minimalist armor consisting of thin, light-colored shoulder straps, narrow torso coverage, and equally limited leg guards. In some ways, they almost look like animal storm troopers mixed with Jar Jar Binks, minus the white helmets.

The Jackal’s sleek helmets that only cover part of his face, exposing their razor-sharp teeth, make the armor even cooler to look at. Below, similar armor covers their feet, allowing their terrifying claws to remain ready for battle.


Makee wears cocoon armor in Halo

Revealed in the first episode of Halo, the Blessed One Makee (Charlie Murphy) is a human orphan raised by The Covenant who tries his best to get the Keystones. She sports a strange cocoon-shaped piece of armor that resembles Count Dracula’s high-necked cape. Suits such a scary and unpredictable character.

Leaving very little room for an enemy to strike, Makee’s entire body is swaddled in the cool, gothic protective gear. Whether it’s as formidable as Silver Team’s MPAA is another question, but in terms of striking visual aesthetics, Makee’s armor is hard to beat.

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