10 Most Used Pokemon In Johto Games, According To Reddit

Game Freak will soon present the ninth generation of Pokemon games this November with the highly anticipated Scarlet and Purplebut second-generation Johto games are still fondly remembered classics, thanks in large part to their native species. Gold and Silver were technological leaps from their predecessors, and there were several reliable Pokémon to undertake a reading of history.

It was a relatively small roster increase for the time with 100 new species, but several of these Pokemon were memorable in their own right. Ampharos is arguably one of the most common teammates for players, and Water and Fire type starters also give players a strong start.


ten Ampharos

Granted, when it comes to Electric-type representation in Johto, players don’t really have much choice but to catch a Mareep and fully evolve into Ampharos. That being said, players could do a lot worse than the power it provides.

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Besides being an endearing sheep-inspired design, Ampharos is an excellent Electric-type Pokémon with an excellent Special Attack stat to make moves like Thunder and Thunder Bolt hit even harder. He has solid versatility in his move pools in HeartGold and SoulSilver with the likes of Signal Beam and Focus Blast, and Redditor benzimo have included him in their favorite team in this region.

9 Feraligatr

Totodile is one of the strongest Johto starters and beginner Water-type Pokemon overall. It might not run through the same number of Johto Region Gyms as Typhlosion, but once fully evolved into Feraligatr, it can certainly hold its own in battle and provide a designated surf user at the same time.

The entire Totodile line has fun creature designs with their own personality flairs, and the towering Feraligatr is a powerful physical attacker with an even more capable move pool per HG/SS. Editor sprucewood619 commented that they had Feraligatr in their “crystal dream team”.

8 Typhlosion

Since Totodile is one of the best Water-type starter choices, Cyndaquil is the same for the Fire-type starter Pokémon. However, his final evolution in Typhlosion is arguably the strongest choice for a Johto read, whether in the originals or the aforementioned DS remakes.

Cyndaquil also has a charming and adorable design and Typhlosion is an equally imposing and elegant version of the real-world honey badger. Editor bring-it-silence recommended it in a Team Johto thread, noting how “it cuts through almost every gym.” The second gym in particular suits him well (at this point Quilava) since fire rips bug types.

seven Hercross

Bug-types, unfortunately, often have the end of the stick in Pokémon battles. While that might make sense to some extent considering how physically frail bugs and bugs actually are, it’s great to see species like Heracross being competitively viable. Editor StreetReporter listed him in his best team for the Johto region, and his secondary fighting type does well to take over in combat.

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It’s hard to catch one in the wild, but it comes in just the right time to help sweep away Gym Leader Whitney’s infamous Miltank if players are willing to put in the work to find one. More importantly, Heracross’ strengths are more than enough to carry him through the rest of the game in player teams.

6 Crobat

While HMs are a long term Pokemon trope from the mainline game series that Game Freak thankfully removed, having someone to use Fly to get players to fast travel was always a must. Fortunately, there are capable pilots out there who can hold their own in combat, and Crobat is perhaps one of the most proficient in combat for those ready to take the plunge.

This forces players to deal with the difficulty of training a Zubat to a Golbat and evolve through friendship into Crobat, but this Poison/Flying-Type will serve a game well. Editor bring-it-silence also recommended it as a solid choice, especially with the diverse move pool of the fourth generation remakes.

5 Espeon

Eeveelution Pokemon are also fan favorites in any game they can be used in, and Gold and Silver arguably introduced two of the most iconic. Umbreon’s Psychic-type counterpart, Espeon is a sleekly designed Pokemon with the special attack power to match.

Editor treywarp listed him on the team they believe to be the strongest in a Johto native-only game, and bring-it-silence also noted how Espeon “is a good special sweeper for the middle and end of the game”. He doesn’t have the deepest move pools, but he should do more than enough in combat with attacks like Psychic and Shadow Ball in his arsenal.

4 Shadowon

On the other side of Espeon was the Dark-Type Umbreon, and even in the current generation of Pokemon games it ranks among the strongest. It has a sleek design that plays nicely on the Dark-Type pattern and aesthetic, and this editor listed him in their ideal team Johto only with bring-it-silence commenting on how Umbreon “is a solid tank with good longevity”.

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HeartGold and SoulSilver did well to expand Umbreon’s already strong defensive abilities with Toxic, Protect, Curse, and Wish. As with Espeon, Umbreon is a popular and solid teammate for those who wish to evolve Eevee through friendship.

3 quagmire

Wooper gets another round of the spotlight on all social media thanks to the next Scarlet and Purple a new regional form. That makes a Paldean Quagsire inevitable, but he’s no doubt already had his fans since the late 90s in Gold and Silver. Quagsire has a charmingly silly design that’s hard not to love on its own, and it’s also a popular and capable choice in playthroughs.

Editor Southwick Jog that he was part of their “ideal Johto-only team”, and that his Water/Ground dual type is a big selling point. While he is 4x weak to Grass-type attacks, he is completely immune to Electric attacks (which otherwise devastate Water-types) and has no other weaknesses. On top of all that, it’s a natural fit for a designated surf and/or stunt user without losing power.

2 Gyarados (red)

Gyarados a classic Pokemon from the Kanto region in particular, but it played a pretty big role in many players’ journeys through Johto thanks to Gold and Silver featuring the beloved “Shiny Pokemon” mechanic. These special variants were even rarer during the Game Boy Color era, and Gyarados was chosen to showcase the new feature to ensure fans knew it existed.

This creature was particularly popular once again in Johto thanks to the famous “Red Gyarados” that appears in the story at Lake of Rage. Editor ShooterEfficient listed the Red Gyarados specifically in their favorite Johto team, and it helps that Gyarados is a strong fighter as is.

1 Donphan

It’s somewhat surprising how few elephant-inspired Pokemon are in the games, but Phanpy and Donphan are fun and inventive interpretations of the animal. Phanpy is perhaps one of the most popular “baby” species in the Johto region thanks to its easily adorable design, and its evolution was a common member of the team in player lists.

It’s a simple land type, but it has strong physical stats to make this type useful in combat. Editor Redd Morse recommended Donphan in a thread on Optimal Johto Squads, and it’s a good alternative to Quagsire if players already have a water type in their roster.

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