10 Otome Games That Deserve Anime Adaptations

Otome games are immersive visual novels in which the player puts himself in the shoes of the main character. A few of these games have received anime adaptations in recent years, such as Obey me!, Realize the code, Amnesia, Hakuoukiand Prince of stride. Recently, Idea Factory and Otomate announced that their hit otome game, X Malice Necklacewould receive its own anime adaptation in 2023.

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While the quality of these adaptations is questionable, many fans are excited to share their favorite stories with a wider audience. The recent announcement has fans talking about what other games they would like to see adapted next.

ten Cupid Parasite would be a light and fun fusion of Isekai and a slice-of-life romance

Parasite Cupid is one of the lightest otome games compared to some of its bloodier and more nerve-wracking counterparts. It tells the story of Cupid after he arrives in the human realm, takes the name Lynette, and works as a bridal counselor. She had bet her father, Jupiter, that she could never help people fall in love without her magic bow, so Cupid is eager to prove her wrong.

Cupid quickly becomes one of the top marriage consultants in the business, but before she can get a proper promotion, her boss has one last task for her. Cupid must help the famous Parasite 5 find life partners. They all have quirky personalities, making it almost impossible for Cupid to work his magic without drawing the bow.

9 Nightshade would be a historical romance series

black nightshade takes place shortly after the Sengoku period in Japan. This is a great game for those interested in Japanese culture and history. The game features many beautiful character designs and a distinctly dark color scheme that immediately draw fans into the dark world of the characters.

black nightshade would make a pretty interesting historical novel series. Enju is the daughter of the Koga clan, and she struggles endlessly while training to become a ninja. She was thrilled to be sent on her first mission, but found herself in over her head after a major incident. Whether black nightshade were adapted, it would give viewers equal amounts of romance, character chemistry, and thrilling battle scenes.

8 Mystic Messenger would be an intriguing Isekai series

mystical messenger is a mobile game where the player becomes the protagonist and receives text messages and calls from the characters throughout the day. The premise of the game is that the protagonist downloads a random app that guides them through a high-security apartment building owned by a mysterious organization.

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Whether mystical messenger received an adaptation, it would be an intriguing isekai. However, unlike others in the genre, it would not feature any magical powers. Instead, it would likely amp up the high-tech, sci-fi aspects while giving fans the heartwarming love stories they crave.

seven Tears Of Themis Would Be An Entertaining Workplace Romantic Comedy

Hoyoverse does Tears of Themisthe same company as the hit open-world RPG, Genshin Impact. Tears of Themis is an otome mobile game that immerses players in the world of a defense attorney studying under one of Stellis’ top attorneys.

In his heart, Tears of Themis is a romantic story that turns every love interest’s road into a mystery that must be solved. Whether Tears of Themis were made into an anime, it would be an entertaining workplace romantic comedy, similar to Wotakoi: Love is hard for Otaku.

6 Olympia Soiree would be a great Shojo anime

Olympia night has everything it takes to become a fan-favorite shojo anime series. It is full of magical and visually appealing characters, all of whom work with the protagonist to restore peace to Tenguu Island.

In Olympia night, the titular Olympia is the only surviving member of the White Clan and she wields the power of the sun. She goes to Tenguu Island. After discovering the socio-political unrest plaguing the country, Olympia takes it upon herself to bring the nation back to peace. Each love interest is crucial to understanding the ins and outs of this strange world. Olympia night would be perfect for fans of classic shojo series like Kiss Kamisama, Fruit basketand Yona of dawn.

5 Steam Prison would be an exciting fantasy adventure series with a cool Steampunk aesthetic

steam prison features a typical uptight rich girl. She was raised in the Heights, the wealthiest sector of society and a total utopia for all its inhabitants. She mocks people who live below her means, especially those who live in the depths. The Depths is an industrial hovel. One day, the heroine’s life is turned upside down when she has to take a trip to the Deep.

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steam prison has surprisingly interesting commentary on classism and forces the heroine to investigate her prejudices. Additionally, all of the characters have visually stunning designs that adhere to a cool steampunk aesthetic. Whether steam prison received its own anime, it would be a fantasy adventure series.

4 Bustafellows’ gorgeous cast and compelling plot would make for a hit murder mystery series

Bustafellows is the perfect blend of a suspenseful murder mystery with a dark love story. The game tells the story of a dedicated journalist who can time travel using someone else’s body for investigative purposes. The heroine’s journey in Bustafellows begins after watching a notoriously corrupt lawyer die. She decides to go back in time to save him.

Bustafellows is one of the strongest candidates for a potential anime adaptation. It is full of beautifully designed characters and stunning visuals. The game kept players on the edge of their seats as they played through each of the love interests’ routes, so it would definitely give potential viewers the same experience if it were to receive an anime. This would be perfect for fans of Bungo Stray Dogs, 91 daysand Baccano!.

3 Birushana: Rising Flower Of Genpei would be a comedy series with historical references and visually stunning animation

Birushana: Rising Flower of Genpei is a historical otome game set nearly two decades after the Heiji Rebellion in Japan. The Heike Clan won, but the Genji Clan was never able to restore their name after their devastating defeat. Shanao is the youngest male heir of the Genji clan. Except that Shanao is actually a woman.

Whether Birushana receives an anime adaptation, it would be an entertaining action series with a great sense of humor. It’s easy to fall in love by Birushana love interests, from the proud Noritsune to the ultimate cool guy, Yoritomo. With stunning character designs and tons of action, Birushana would be the perfect anime for fans of demon slayer and Samurai Champloo.

2 Cafe Enchante would be a series of mystical reverse harems

Enchanted Cafe follows Kotone after inheriting his late grandfather’s cafe not realizing it’s a well of mysticism. At first glance, it looks like any other ordinary cafe, but it’s a common meeting place for supernatural entities like demonic kings, fallen angels, and beasts.

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Whether Enchanted Cafe were to get its own anime, it would be a charming reverse harem series in the same vein as Ouran High School Host Club. The game is full of beautiful and simplicity-worthy characters, so any anime adaptation would surely be a smash hit for that reason alone.

1 Piofiore: Fated Memories Would Be The Italian Mafia Anime Fans Have Been Waiting For

Piofiore: Memories of Destiny introduces players to the villainous, mafia-like streets of 1920s Italy through Lilliana’s perspective. She grew up in a church in Arca, a small town inside Burlone, Italy. It is the only neutral zone in the city. The Falzone control Falce, the Visconti rule Crete and the Lao-Shu claim Veleno. Liliana didn’t realize that she was the main reason for their conflicts for most of her life.

Piofiore: Memories of Fate would undoubtedly be a strong contender for an anime adaptation. It would give fans the perfect Italian Mafia series. fans of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, Durarara!!and Katekyo Hitman is reborn! would surely appreciate. Plus, Piofiore’s cast of stunning love interests would keep social media buzzing for a long time.

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