10 Times DCEU Villains Stole The Show

The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) got off to a turbulent start as leaders tried to catch up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in half the time. This has led to disjointed continuity and an inconsistent tone across the universe, and Warner Brothers-Discovery may already be rebooting the franchise with 2023. the flash.

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However, one of the strengths of DC films has been the villains. While the films have divided fans on many topics, most agree that the universe has seen several great villains across its 11 movies, including some of the best recent comic book movies.

ten Everyone Was Talking About Lex Luthor’s Appearance In Batman v Superman

Stealing the show isn’t always a good thing, which was the case for Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. DC fans had already seen Clark Kent’s nemesis three times in Superman, Superman II, and The Return of Superman, so Eisenberg put a new spin on the character. The younger, more charismatic Luthor was all over every scene, truly lacking the classic cunning nature that made the character so popular. Everyone was talking about him after a movie that included DC’s Big Three, but that wasn’t a good thing. This portrayal drew comparisons to Jim Carrey’s Riddler instead of Gene Hackman’s Luthor, and the character has not returned to the DCEU since.

9 Deathstroke’s brief appearance was the best part of Justice League 2017

Few movies have united the DCEU fandom like Joss Whedon’s Justice League 2017. The movie was a complete mess, but the post-credits scene featuring Lex Luthor and a surprise appearance by Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke gave some fans hope for the future of the DCEU.

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The hype surrounding Manganiello as an assassin for hire had been building ever since rumors began to spread that Deathstroke would be the main villain in the Ben Affleck-led solo Batman film. While that project has seemingly stalled, Deathstroke’s sole appearance in the DCEU has been a hit, including his near-perfect comic-accurate costume.

8 Maxwell Lord is good, but Wonder Woman 1984 could be better

A significant decrease compared to 2017 Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman 1984 the only real improvement came from the film’s antagonist, Maxwell Lord. Lord isn’t a real villain, as he just wants to save his business and be a good father to his son, but the shrewd businessman’s inner turmoil and initial good intentions make him one of the villains. most compelling in the DCEU. The DCEU has a good casting track record, and Pedro Pascal was a brilliant choice that brought the character so much life. Hence, her performance was a bright spot in an otherwise forgettable movie.

seven Faora’s screen time is short, but her fight is one of the best

Despite being a supporting character for a movie and having minimal dialogue, Antje Traue as Faora had one of the best scenes in the entire DCEU when she faced Clark Kent in Smallville. The action and visual effects are excellent in Steel man, and they are on full display in this encounter. The battle was also a great way to show how inexperienced Clark was and how far he had to go before he could defeat the Kryptonians. Overall, it’s a great scene, and fans are still talking about Faora almost 9 years later, despite her brief appearance.

6 Darkseid’s First Theatrical Appearance In Zack Snyder’s Justice League Was Worth The Wait

Only onscreen for a few moments, Darkseid’s live-action debut had everyone talking. After four years of waiting, Zack Snyder’s return to the DCEU did not disappoint, and the director brought with him the New God of Apokolips. While Darkseid primarily serves as a background character to set up his future showdown with the Justice League, what little audiences see of the supervillain is truly excellent.

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The climax of the four-hour film focuses on Darkseid as he watches Earth’s protectors after they send Steppenwolf’s head to him, which triggers his attack on Earth. However, it’s something fans will likely never see on the big screen.

5 Starro’s appearance in The Suicide Squad The third act lives up to the hype

One of the DCEU’s biggest surprises, James Gunn knocked it out of the park when he introduced Starro to the big screen. The only appearance of the intergalactic starfish in The Suicide Squad was perfectly executed. It was only hinted at for the majority of the film before finally exploding onto the scene in the third act.

In a film that focuses on villains who are forced to do good, Starro still gets a big development, highlighting the fact that The Thinker has tortured the creature in the decades since he arrived on Earth. This, combined with his legitimately terrifying powers, makes him a great villain who stood out in a movie with so many great characters.

4 Ocean Master was the perfect choice for Aquaman’s origin story

James Wan had one of the toughest jobs in the DCEU when he was tasked with adapting Aquaman into the character’s first solo movie. He chose a big bad guy for his first movie, casting Patrick Wilson as Prince Orm, the ruler of the ocean. His battles with Arthur are incredible, and his manipulation of the other realms to unite all of Atlantis and invade the surface world is excellent. The film was praised for its visual effects and action, but few things got people talking like the costumes, and Ocean Master’s is one of the DCEU’s best.

3 A new and improved Steppenwolf makes all the difference

In a four-hour film that features the theatrical debuts of Darkseid, Flash, Cyborg, and more, it’s hard to imagine how Steppenwolf would be one of the best aspects of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, but that is exactly what happened. Given a major overhaul of justice league 2017, Steppenwolf looked better, was more intimidating than before, and most importantly, had a real character arc. Rather than being driven by the cult of Mother Boxes, Steppenwolf’s entire quest was to get back into Darkseid’s good graces and return to Apokolips. Any good villain has to have a purpose, and Steppenwolf is what makes him one of the DCEU’s best antagonists so far.

2 Black Manta’s Origin Set Up The Sequel And His Costume Redefined Comic Book Accuracy

While the appearance of Black Manta in 2018 Aquaman was more of an origin story, and Arthur vs. Ocean Master was the focus of the movie, Black Manta was one of the best parts of the movie. His costume is one of the best in comic book movie history and his fight against Arthur was top notch, setting the tone for the rest of the movies.

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It was revealed that the Manta survived the encounter with Arthur and now fans can’t wait to see Yahya Abdul-Matten again as a character in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, should be released in 2023.

1 General Zod is leading the charge and setting the standard for the DCEU

The DCEU’s first villain, Zod has been the standard since appearing in Steel man. In the film, he is a soldier raised for battle and the perfect foil for the inexperienced Cal-El. Michael Shannon is brilliant in every scene, and the sequence where Zod learns to adapt to Earth’s atmosphere – by stripping off his armor and yelling at Clark – is a highlight. Even as he mourns the loss of his companions and his planet, his sadness turns to anger and rage, leading to arguably the best fight in the DCEU. Steel man launched the DCEU and Zod was the perfect villain to open up the universe.

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