3×3 basketball to spice up 2022 USSSA Ball Games 2 in Lira

2022 USSSA Ball Games 2 (Basketball):

  • 13e – 21st August
  • Host: Lira City (St Katherine College & Dr. Obote College, Boroboro)

3×3 basketball is the shorter version of the normal game of basketball, played on a half court.

Basically, it’s faster and requires a quick reaction from players at all times, which now makes them more actively involved as they work tirelessly to defend and find hoops in equal measure.

As the 2022 Uganda Secondary Schools Sports Association (USSSA) 2 ball games kick off in Lira at St Katherine and Dr Obote College, 3×3 basketball will be among the most anticipated games on the menu.

Traditional basketball schools will come to the fore as they battle for supremacy.

Both genders will be engaged first in a round-robin format before the semi-finals and subsequent finals to determine the champions.

In the boys category, the pool includes JOVOC, Namagoma, Buddo SS, Janan SS, Mbogo Mixed, Hope SS, Seroma Christina High and St Marks College.

The top four teams will advance to the semi-finals before the final.


Schools in the female pool include St Mary’s Rushoroza, St Katherine, Nabisunsa Girls, Buddo SS, Exodus, St Mary’s Boarding Secondary School Kitende, Hana Mixed and Nabbingo SS.

Besides basketball, the game-rich menu also features an exciting new sport; Dance sport.

Other games include; football (U-16), Volleyball, Handball, Rugby (7’s), Netball, woodball as well as Athletics and Cross Country

Schools report is Saturday 13e August 2022 as participants and officials check in within respective accommodation limits.

This will be followed by a screening to determine the correct age range and eligibility to participate.

The official opening ceremony will take place on Tuesday 16e August 2022 by the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Education and Sports.

The official closing and award ceremony will take place on 21st August 2022, and will be chaired by the new Minister of State for Sport, the Hon. Peter Ogwang.

Over 70,000 students will participate in these games with the top performers representing Uganda at the 2022 FEASSA Games in Arusha City, Tanzania.

Basketball groups:


JOVOC, Namagoma, Buddo SS, Janan SS, Mbogo Mixed, Hope SS, Seroma, ST Marks College Namagooma (Round robin)

  • Semi-finals: 1 against 4; 2 against 3
  • Finals: 1/4 against 2/3


St Mary’s Ruhsoroza, St Katherine, Nabisunsa, Buddo SS, Exodus, St Mary’s Boarding Secondary Kitende, Hana Mixed, Nabbingo

  • Semi-finals: 1Vs 4; 2 against 3
  • Finals: Winner 1/4 Vs 2/3

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