6 characters who look perfect (and 3 who miss the mark)

Just like the hit shows the witcher and Esoteric, the Halo The series is based on a fairly popular video game of the same name. The planned release of the series came with high expectations from fans who seemed to be met by the series while others seemed to fail, mostly in the character department.

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From the stoic, emotionless persona of Master Chief to the loyal and stubborn portrayal of Cortana, some things about the game remain the same, however, there are others that don’t. These perfections and imperfections are noticeable early in the series, making it hard not to discern the changes and similarities between the show and the characters in the game series.

9 Soren 066 – Miss The Mark

Halo Soren

One of the original 75 children to participate in Project Spartan, Soren was a recruit for Project Spartan until his arm was badly injured during genetic engineering testing. Due to his injury, Soren is placed on desk duty, leading him to escape from the UNSC only to be shot and never seen in the game again. However, this is not the case in the series.

Soren is never really shown much in the game, which is understandable with his missing status, however, in the series he is alive and well. He is introduced as a respected father, husband, and resident on a meteor planet. His character in the series is very adamant about not being part of the UNSC and their war, but the character in the game would have done anything to be a Spartan alongside his best friend, Master Chief.

8 Miranda Keyes – Miss The Mark

Dr. Miranda Keyes is the daughter of Dr. Catherine Halsey and Captain Jacob Keyes. Like her mother, she is also into science and lives to understand how covenant technology works, however, this is the show’s version of the character. In the game, she is a commander like her father, making her more of a military figure than a scientific figure.

Aside from her physical appearance, in the game Miranda’s character is highly respected by others with the ability to make tough calls and not be questioned about her ability to lead. However, in the series, she possesses a subservient attitude towards her superiors, taking away the authority she had in the game. Her focus on leaving her mother’s shadow takes away what the character has to offer and this change overshadows ultimately Miranda’s potential.

7 Captain Jacob Keyes – Miss The Mark

Captain Jacob Keyes is a commander and tactician in the UNSC Navy. Recognized as a war hero, Keyes is one of the most powerful characters and known to be a highly skilled strategist and exceptional leader, earning the respect of those under his command and outside of him. His appearance in the game series rarely changes aside from his graying hair, always maintaining his stern and strong features even as he ages.

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In the series, there are a few notable changes from the game. The most noticeable change is Captain Jacob Keyes’ cold indifference towards Master Chief. In the game, Keyes seems to rely on Master Chief for help when needed and keeps him at a higher level than any other Spartan soldier. They have a relationship, but the same couldn’t be said for their relationship on the show. Keyes seems intent on punishing Master Chief for his misadventures on the show, having no feelings for the super-soldier.

6 Referee – looks perfect

Halo the referee

The muscle behind the Covenant, an Arbiter is essentially a soldier like the Spartans, working under the command of their government, the Covenant and the Hierarchs. They only serve one purpose and that is to carry out orders of war.

In the game and the series, an Arbiter is sent on dangerous and suicidal missions for their leaders’ goals in the war against the UNSC and the humans. They usually lead a team of Covenant troops, killing anything that gets in their way. An arbiter has no feelings and seeks only to succeed in his missions for the Hierarchs. They are essentially the same in the game and the series and are so similar to the Spartans in their end goals.

5 The prophet of truth – looks perfect

Halo Prophet of Truth

One of the main antagonists of Halo games and series, The Prophet of Truth is an alliance leader with The Prophet of Regret and The Prophet of Mercy. In the series, he came to care for Makee, a human, seeing her as one of the Covenant though still having a disdain for the human race.

The show does an amazing job of bringing every little detail of this character to life. From his bulging eyes, hanging skin, and body anatomy, the Prophet of Truth seems perfectly identical down to his opinion of the human race and his ability to lie and manipulate despite his name. The representation in the Halo the series is true to the games in every way that matters.

4 Spartans – looks perfect

Halo Spartans

Spartans are super powerful super-soldiers who have no feelings or goals of their own. They are the property of the UNSC and Dr. Haley, serving only their government. The main objective of the Spartan team was to build a special strike team capable of dealing with human rebellions and preventing wars from breaking out.

Considering Spartans are super-soldiers, they spend the majority of their time in their armor in games. In that case, fans can study these costumes to the hilt, and it looks like that’s exactly what the show’s creators did. The Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor exoskeleton in game and show looks identical. They are genetically modified with no feeling or emotion in both the game and the show, perfectly depicting who and what they are.

3 Cortana – looks perfect

Cortana in the Halo TV show

A character whose appearance has changed over the years in the game series, Cortana still possesses characteristics that make her an unforgettable character in the game. Halo series. Cortana is female AI (artificial intelligence) programming who is smart and sarcastic when she wants to and is completely loyal to Master Chief. Cortana’s incorporation into the series stays true to the games in this regard.

Even though his features in the series aren’t exactly inspired by Dr. Halsey, the creators have done an amazing job modernizing the version of the game’s depiction, which is something that Halo video game players saw nothing coming. Her loyalty to Master Chief remains a constant, and her ability to remain stubborn and determined is portrayed in both versions.

2 Dr Catherine Elizabeth Halsey – looks perfect

Halo Dr. Halsey Natascha McElhone

Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey is the brilliant mind behind Project Spartan and Cortana. He is a brilliant mind who puts his job above everything else, even his family. She’s stubborn and persistent when she wants something and she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty to achieve it.

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In the Halo television show, Dr. Halsey is portrayed as a woman in her early to late 40s with beautiful blonde hair, blue eyes, and a slim build. She’s a scientist who thinks her job is more important than her family and that’s the same in the game and the show.

1 Master Chief – looks perfect

Master Chief in Halo without armor

The man at the center of the Halo series of shows and games, Master Chief is an iconic character whose appearance is hard not to recognize. He is the leader of the Spartans and is known as John-117. In one of the biggest reveals of the show’s first episode, Master Chief takes off his helmet and fans see his face for the first time.

In the game series, Master Chief never actually removes his helmet, so it’s impossible to predict what he looks like under his armor. However, his stoic character and emotionless character are perfectly suited in both versions. He is loyal to the UNSC and Dr. Haley, trusting them enough to fight for their war.

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