8 Biggest Differences Between The Show And The Games

The conclusion of the first season of Paramonut Plus’ Halo series means we can stop and take stock of the whole thing. We can take a look at how the series stayed true to the source material and how it really doesn’t. Given that this show’s narrative takes place in the “Silver” timeline, a timeline completely removed from the canonical events of the games and books, it makes sense that many facets would be different.

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However, there are clearly areas of the series that deviate massively from what a Halo fan would expect to see in a narrative that stems from the lore that began with Halo: Combat Evolved. Read on if you want to find out the main differences between what we get in games and what we see on this show.


8 Master Chief regularly shows his face

While it’s become a bit of a joke that Master Chief never shows his face in games, it’s a big part of what makes the Chief character who he is. Master Chief is all about protecting humanity and finishing the fights. He doesn’t have time to take off his helmet every chance he gets. The Master Chief we see in the Paramount Plus show, on the other hand, still does. More often than not, you’ll be looking at John’s face rather than the Master Chief’s helmet when watching an episode. The series attempts to grapple with John dealing with his stolen childhood and his mysterious connection to ancient artifacts, and one would have thought that showing his emotions on a face would be a good way to go. Whether or not this is true is largely up to you.

7 A human working with the prophets of the covenant

This change is actually very interesting. In games, humans have a connection to Forerunners. We are “recoverers”. So when the Covenant Hierarchs want to activate a Halo Ring, they always capture a human in order to operate the Forerunner machinery. The show reveals that the Prophets are aware that it is convenient to have a human for this reason, so they guard and protect Makee, a displaced human woman who is referred to as the “Blessed One” by the Covenant.

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Having a human voluntarily working alongside the Covenant while at the height of their anti-human crusade hasn’t been done in the games, and it’s an intriguing premise that was sadly cut short during the finale of the season of the show.

6 Blue team identity

Blue Team is Master Chief’s original team of Spartans for a long time during its formation and the fall of Reach. Fred, Kelly, and Linda are notable presences in the books, several comics, and Halo 5: Guardians. In the show, they are replaced by Kai, Vannak, and Riz, three Spartans who seemingly fill the skin of Blue Team but under the name Silver Team. They have different story arcs in the series than their in-game counterparts, and if the TV series continues, we hope to see if their development progresses beyond just cookie-cutter blue team replacements.

5 Room spy technology

The Halo universe is home to many amazing feats of sci-fi ingenuity. There’s Slipspace technology that allows ships to travel FTL, plasma weapons, Mjolnir armor, all that jazz. And while the show displays these fictional marvels of technology to great effect, it also introduces a new thing that is baffling in its implications. In the Paramount Plus series, some characters can essentially spy a room by sitting in these fancy chairs and placing these metal balls on their heads. This allows them to become apparitions in a room. Anyone using these chairs can see themselves standing in the room, but people who are actually in the room cannot see them.

4 John and Makee’s connection to Halo

In games, humans in general have a special ability to interact with a Halo’s controls thanks to their Reclaimer status. In the show, the group of people with a connection to Halo is much more exclusive. Makee and John are the only ones shown so far to have this deeper relationship with the Halo facility. It is still unclear what this relationship is and why it only affects a certain number of people. As it stands, Makee and John are the only ones capable of activating the artifacts that can point the way to a Halo Ring.

3 Halsey is on the run

Dr. Halsey’s actions in creating the Spartan program are criminal and unethical; that goes without saying. She kidnaps children, trains and experiments on them, and replaces them with flash-clones who die within weeks. She does this both in games and in the show. However, she is held accountable for these actions much earlier in the series than she ever was in the games.

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As far as the game goes, when the Covenant attacked, no one in the UNSC or ONI bothered to accuse Catherine of anything due to the value of her skills and the Spartans for the war effort. The show dispenses with this plot point by making their Halsey a scapegoat for other government officials. At the end of this first season, Halsey is on the run from the law even if the war continues.

2 The Pact does not speak English

Halo 2 introduced the shades of the Covenant to fans for the first time. We got to see what things were like on the other side, with bickering Grunts, politically maneuvering Prophets, and honor-bound Elites. Explaining what the Covenant was like to players was made easier by the Covenant speaking English during cutscenes. The TV series removes that and gives the Covenant its own language, which admittedly makes more sense from a logical standpoint.

1 Spartan Rebels

Much of the show is dedicated to Master Chief finding out what was done to him by Catherine Halsey. He discovers that he was stolen from his home and his parents by her and became the super-soldier he is now. This naturally angers him, as it does with Kai when she discovers the same things. In games, this is an event that has never happened. For the most part, Spartans remain driven by duty, focused on completing any task given to them.

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