On February 12-13, Ancient Kyiv in the Principality of Kyivan Rus (“Kyivan Rus Park”) invites a bright romantic program, which will be interesting for everyone: couples in love, families with children and those who search for their soul comrade.
The romance of the Middle Ages with riding purebred horses, ancient Slavic amusements, horse shows, delicious medieval fire dishes await guests.
Behind the Principality’s entrance gates, guests will find a living medieval city with fortifications, princely terems and tribunes, the estates of the ancient inhabitants of Kiev, huge siege weapons and the ship of the ancient Vikings. There is even the reconstructed wooden church of Basyl from the Хth century, where you can hold a wedding.
On February 12 and 13, a romantic holiday program, which will begin with the solemn greeting of the Princely Court, will be the gift of Valentine’s Day. Unforgettable impressions will be given by the initiation ritual of the guests to the inhabitants of ancient Kiev.
Then the beautiful visitors will have an unforgettable encounter with the fairy-tale prince on a white horse. Guests will see equestrian performances with the participation of horses of unique historical breeds gathered from all over the world in the princely stable. In tandem with the experienced stuntmen, these beautiful animals will impress the audience with virtuoso rides.
Experienced horse breeders will introduce guests to horses of rare ancient breeds and tell about their features, origin and prominent historical figures who owned representatives of one or another breed. During an open master-class on training and caring for horses, visitors will learn how to treat these animals so that they are not only healthy and obedient, but also become true friends.
Everyone will be able to approach the horses, palm them, organize a light photo session and even ride a horse or a carriage. You can take carrots, beets with you and treat the horses with the permission of the stable administration.
But that’s not all! The guests of the Principality will not only be able to watch what is happening on stage. The inhabitants of ancient Kiev will invite everyone to participate in fun Slavic amusements and ancient rituals, dance flash mobs and fiery round dances.
For the rest of their lives, lovers will remember a romantic ride for two through ancient Kiev on horseback or in a carriage.
Visiting the fortune teller, you can touch ancient secret knowledge, learn the secrets of success in love, and taste herbal drinks after forgotten recipes.
Residents of ancient Kiev will warmly welcome guests, tell about their lives and share their skills with them. In the medieval shooting range they will teach you how to throw axes at a target, in the mint – to hit a coin “for luck”, in the hall of princely costumes – to put on historical costumes of the Kyivan era Rus. In the medieval shop you can choose original handmade souvenirs for an exclusive romantic gift to your loved ones. Fans of extreme sports will appreciate the high-speed slide “Zmiy Gorynych” and the rope descent “Politaylo” near the forest lake of ancient Kyiv.
Princely cooks will regale guests with hot drinks and savory dishes from the fire.
If you want to extend your romantic trip to the Middle Ages by a day, you can spend the night in comfortable rooms (by prior reservation).
Everything in the Principality is saturated with medieval romanticism! No wonder it is here that a huge number of men confess their love, riding on a “white horse” in armor.
 The schedule may change.
The tour of ancient Kiev takes place in accordance with the requirements of the quarantine regime.
Ancient Kyiv is located 45 minutes drive from modern Kyiv region – Kyiv, Obukhiv district, vill. Zastugna (near the town of Kopachiv).
You can get around by car or public transport. The route taxi schedule can be checked on the “Obukhivtrans” website or on the “Kyivan Rus Park” website in the “Contacts” section.
The best way with your own car is to drive through the town of Obukhiv.
The price of the ticket: a full adult ticket – 230 Uah, for pensioners and students – 150 Uah., for schoolchildren – 100 Uah., for preschoolers – free of charge.
Details at www.parkkyivrus.com
Interfax subscribers can save money with the “openbusiness-20” promotional code for a 20% discount on a full price adult ticket for the Principality of Kyivan Rus:
– on prior order by tel. : +38 044 461-99-37, +38 050 385-20-35
– either at the cash desk at the entrance to “Kyivan Rus Park”.


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