All Marvel Comics and Disney Plus Moon Knight Costumes Explained

**Warning – Spoilers ahead for Moon Knight Episode 2**

Marvel may have a roadmap full of new content plotted until the end of time, however, fans aren’t ready for Steven Grant’s goofy British humor to fade from the small screen as Moon Knight is approaching halfway through on Disney Plus.

We explain why the vigilante wore two costumes in episode 2 of the series and we expose all the Moon Knight costumes from Marvel Comics.

Starring Oscar Isaac as the titular vigilante, Ethan Hawke, Gaspard Ulliel and May Calamawy, the series created by Doug Moench, Jeremy Slater and Don Perlin, follows former U.S. Marine, Spector, as he battles trouble dissociative of the identity and his new powers of the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu.

Marvel Studios Lunar Knight | Official trailer | Disney+

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Marvel Studios Lunar Knight | Official trailer | Disney+





Moon Knight’s Two Costumes Explained

In episode 2, titled summon costumeLayla encourages Steven Grant to “summon the suit” while the pair are chased by Arthur Harrow’s jackal.

Unsure how to transform into Moon Knight’s Egyptian armor, Steven tries his best but ends up summoning a rather dapper version of Moon Knight, known as Mr. Knight in Marvel Comics.

Steven ended up summoning this all-white three-piece suit because he had never seen the Moon Knight suit like Marc had. Therefore, the only costume he could imagine was a business costume as opposed to a superhero costume.

In Marvel Comics, Mr. Knight became a distinct alter-ego, designed to be less intimidating than the Moon Knight costume in order to interact more easily with the audience.

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All Marvel Comics Moon Knight Costumes

The aforementioned Mr. Knight costume is by far the most popular vigilante costume among Marvel fans, but what about the rest of Marvel Comics? We review the others below:

Black costume

Moon Knight wore a predominantly black suit with white accents catching the light when the vigilante first appeared in 1975 night werewolf #35 and subsequent appearances.

Image from Marvel Comics.

west coast avengers

This ’80s design upgraded the dense black costume with gold armor around the waistband and wrists to display Moon Knight’s Egyptian roots.

Image from Marvel Comics.

The Marvel Team

The black suit echoed again in the 2000s after leaving the West Coast Avengers and debuting in the The Marvel Team series.

Image from Marvel Comics.

Ultimate Marvel Alliance

The padded white costume of Moon Knight in the video game Ultimate Marvel Alliance is much closer to the Disney Plus design, with the iconic crescent moon cape.

Image from Marvel Comics.

Ultimate Comics

The Ultimate design is the character’s darkest costume to date, abolishing the signature white palette except for the vigilante crescent moon on the chest and forehead.

Image from Marvel Comics.


Yes, that’s right, for a while Moon Knight worked under the Ronin mantle, much like Clint Barton did when he temporarily hung up on Hawkeye.

Image from Marvel Comics.

silver suit

Moon Knight’s strongest suit is his silver armor, which has become a frequently used design with added moon shapes and sufficient reflective surfaces to dazzle all opponents.

Image from Marvel Comics.

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

Moon Knight is now streaming on Disney Plus.

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