Aquaman 2 Images Show Jason Momoa On The Atlantean Throne

Aquaman sits on the throne of Atlantis as new threats arise.

Image via Jason Momoa/Instagram

DC Comics and Warner Brothers have a very impressive slate of movies in 2022, and one of the sequels DC fans are looking forward to is Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. In preparation for this weekend’s Super Bowl, Warner Bros. released a sizzling new reel showcasing all of their upcoming projects, and included in this exciting new look are some new images from the aquatic superhero sequel.

The two new images are from Jason MomoaArthur Curry/Aquaman is more epic than ever, the former in his classic gold and green armor from the end of the first movie, sitting nonchalantly on his newly acquired throne. The other image is another look at Aquaman’s new black stealth armor, shown in previous images from the film, standing on the same rocky cliff in those images.


It appears, based on these footage, that Arthur is exploring an ancient part of the Altantean Empire – the “Lost Kingdom” of the film’s title that has been lost in time and long forgotten. We also know that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II‘s Black Manta is about to return, for revenge on Aquaman, and as for our favorite undersea hero’s half-brother, Orm, played by Patrick Wilson, it seems to have seen better days. Previous set photos have seen Orm all bearded and abandoned on an island, most likely paying for his crimes from the first film. Recently, speaking with Collider, Wilson remained tight-lipped about the sequel, but said:

And then the storyline is…obviously not going to get into that. But James likes to choose from his own mind and his own comics and how we incorporate certain elements. Those little moments that even… I don’t know, pick one from the Gladiator sequence. There is an octopus playing the drums. Now, comic book nerds will be like, “Yeah, well, that’s Topo. Come on, guys. That’s who that is.” So these little moments; they’ll be a lot more of that stuff, that’s for sure.”

Image via Warner Bros.

RELATED: ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ Production Wraps, James Wan and Cast CelebrateIt will be interesting to see how all of these different conflicts and storylines come together as Aquaman continues to learn to be a great king and hero to Atlantis and his adopted home of the continent. We will all know when Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom swims in theaters on December 16. Check out the rest of the new images below:

Image via Warner Bros.

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