Beatrice Luigi Gomez of the Philippines steals the show at Miss Universe 2021 despite national costume spoiler

Jan Milo Severo, Marane A. Plaza –

December 11, 2021 | 6:49

MANILA, Philippines – Ahead of her appearance on stage for the national costume segment, Miss Universe 2021 released a spoiler video of Miss Philippines Beatrice Luigi Gomez’s national costume during the Miss Universe 2021 preliminaries held in Eilat, Israel today. ‘hui.

That didn’t stop the beauty queen from stealing the show as she slipped onto the stage in an elaborate turquoise blue costume with shimmering gold accents.

For his national costume, Gomez again collaborated with his compatriot Cebuano Axel Que.

Bea’s costume was inspired by the “Moon Eating Dragon” Visayan. Only this time the “Bakunawa”, or the dragon sea serpent with the origins of the deity Bicolano and Visayan, was presented in its most glorious phase. It was embellished with more complex golden highlights. It was completed with accessories and a wonderful crown by jeweler Manny Halasan, shoes by Jan Montalban and style and curation by Edward Castro.

Bea looked ethereal as she truly brought the folk creature Visayan to life through her costume.

“I wanted to continue my Bakunawa story, and I’m taking my artistic license to a whole new level,” Que said of his “Golden Lunar Dragon” album in an Instagram post.

“The initial version was a bit tight, it was more of a Drake (video game lingo used for a dragon’s evolutionary stage), which is basically a mid-life cycle. I wanted to take it along. everyone on this journey of growth and maturity, not just for the costume itself, but also as a metaphor for Bea’s personal growth.

“I am proud to present the final form of my Bakunawa: the Golden Lunar Dragon. This is a personal and hypothetical vision of what the Bakunawa would look like if it had successfully devoured the last moon. chose gold to make the whole piece because apart from its divine beauty, it is considered the perfect element (because it is chemically one of the least reactive), and to imbue, hopefully, this characteristic in the bearer, much like enchanted armor, ”he added.

“I believe this final interpretation of the Bakunawa will serve as the perfect conclusion to this design chapter of my life. I have invested so much in the design of this garment, and I am filled with joy to be able to share this art and design project. unbridled craftsmanship. I couldn’t think of better punctuation. “

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