Best games like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six The franchise has been one of Ubisoft’s most marketable ventures. After enjoying success on various platforms, the latest installment Rainbow Six Mining tends to follow an online multiplayer format.

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Available on PC, PS5, Amazon Luna, Xbox One and other consoles, Extraction pits its militaristic players against parasitic alien creatures called Archaeans. This only goes to show how far the franchise has come. From simply incorporating human warfare to playing around sci-fi and survival horror tropes, the rainbow six the franchise has evolved with Extraction. Fans of the game would also be interested in similar first-person shooters and third-person survival adventures.


Counter-Strike Go (2012)

Counter-Strike Global Offensive Squad

The Valve Franchise Counter-Strike ventured into the online gaming space with Global Offensive in 2012. Players could choose missions as terrorists or counter-terrorists. Later, a battle royale mode was added. This is important because the game started attracting fans in the eSports scene even before other battle royale games like fortnite and PUB-G entered the market. Today, CS: GO stands out as one of the best PC games according to Ranker.

Both Counter Strike Global Offensive and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction show the marketing opportunities that online versions of shooters can offer. From teaming up in the multiplayer mode to completing weekly missions, there’s a different thrill to this new online gaming subculture.

Dying Light (2015)

In dying light, players have the opportunity to become an undercover agent who must infiltrate a city infested with zombies. While undead creatures are sluggish during the day, they launch into a murderous rampage when the sun goes down. In this one-day cycle, the protagonist must use stealth and violence to eliminate threats.

The atmospheric tension caused by the zombies in dying light is quite comparable to the paranoia provoked by the Archaeans in Extraction. The gameplay also allows for similar multiplayer flexibility with four-player cooperative multiplayer.

Call Of Duty Zombies (2009)

Zombie soldier roars on screen in Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies

The Zombies mode of Call of Duty World at War was so popular that it spawned its own spin-off for iOS. The game is set during World War II and is played from the perspective of a US Marine as he battles Nazis turned zombies. The fascination with inhuman experiments during the Nazi era is sure to impress alternate history buffs as well as loyal fans of the Call of Duty Games.

The game has proven the versatility that first-person shooters can have. just like Extractions‘ rendezvous with aliens, Call of DutyThe zombie game went beyond the usual military game formula.

Death Stranding (2019)

Death Stranding Tricycle Ride

One of the most recent games developed by Hideo Kojima is the critically acclaimed game Death Stranding. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where dangerous alien creatures roam the planet’s surface, a survivor is tasked with delivering supplies to the remaining colonies. The game’s horror themes as well as voice acting performance were highly praised.

If there is one thing that Extraction and Death Stranding can share in common is the fear of isolation. With human settlements facing extinction, it can become stressful for humanity’s last hope to accomplish its mission. Given that the world is living in a post-pandemic era, such games tend to feel even more connected.

Dead Rising (2006)

Frank West wields a chainsaw as zombies approach him at a mall in Dead Rising

Zombie movie fans like dawn of the dead would have a great time in the violence and gore of dead risen. The first entry in a hit horror franchise, the game takes place over three days as a photojournalist is trapped in a mall occupied by zombies.

While games like Extraction offer the perspective of fighters trained to ward off monstrous threats, dead risen shows how ordinary people are forced to fight for survival in times of crisis. The role change would make fans of Extraction to discover this 2006 classic.

Days Gone (2019)

Days Gone Was Influenced By Toxic DayZ Players, Says Director

This dystopian open-world video game finds a wanderer searching for his wife who he thought was dead all along. As he faces uncertain challenges, players realize the world is dark in the wake of a deadly pandemic. It’s only shocking that this third-person action game was released in 2019, a year before the COVID-19 outbreak.

Parallels can be drawn between Days gone and Extraction in terms of fighting for survival against all odds. The cannibal creatures called Freakers in the former are as deadly as the parasitic creatures in the latter.

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain (2019)

Aliens watch a spaceship in the sky in Earth Defense Iron Rain

iron rain is one of the most memorable participants of the Land Defense Force franchise. Third-person gameplay is similar to previous entrants, as the titular military force must stop an alien invasion. However, this one has a slightly more serious tone and the alien threat seems much more intense compared to previous installments.

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Ultimately, iron rain and Extraction both emphasize the need for Earth to have a collective team to combat such extraterrestrial threats in the future. Instead of being caught up in its own wars, the planet must prepare for uninvited guests from the cosmos.

Evil Created (2018)

Three characters with bags and guns walking outside in the pouring rain in Miscreated

While games like Extraction offer the perspective of fighters trained to ward off monstrous threats, dead risen shows how ordinary people are forced to fight for survival in times of crisis. The role change would make fans of Extraction to discover this 2006 classic.

Badly created is an online sandbox horror game of 2019 that offers all kinds of challenges. Players must not only fight post-apocalyptic mutants and other humans, but also the wrath of natural disasters. Overall, it ticks all the boxes to be the perfect open-world game to explore while trapped inside.

Prototyping (2009)

Video Game Prototype Biohazard Bundle

Prototype is arguably one of the most original third-person action games of recent times. The premise deals with an amnesiac shapeshifter who must prevent a deadly plague capable of turning humans into violent and mindless creatures. As he seeks to battle the government and a covert ops force, he also uncovers shocking secrets about his own past.

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Due to the imminent threat in the Activision game, the events of Prototype almost feel like a prequel to a survival game like Extraction. Additionally, protagonist Alex Mercer’s powers seem almost parasitic in nature, much like Archaeans.

Call of Duty: Mobile (2019)

Call of duty mobile incorporates some of the franchise’s best elements for an immersive Android and iOS experience. Along with joining ranked multiplayer matches, players can also get involved in special modes like Zombies and Battle Royale.

Both Call of Duty and rainbow six have become the most iconic first-person shooters of recent years. Seeing franchises evolve into new-age online modes signals a new era in their development. Ultimately, their accessibility increases to new markets and new players.

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