Best survival games where the only goal is to last as long as possible

As a subgenre of the action video game, survival games often place players in a hostile environment, often in an open-world setting. The thrill of a survival game comes from the fact that players often start with nothing but their wits and curiosity, and will need to craft tools, weapons, shelter, and collect resources to survive for as long as possible.

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Many survival games have different goals in mind, but sometimes the toughest and toughest are the ones where the only goal is to survive. Lasting as long as possible is a reward in itself, especially when a game throws everything it can at the player to make things harder and adds an aspect of dread to everything.


8 Raft

Alone or together, players will find themselves on a sprawling and epic ocean adventure. Players will wake up on a small raft and have to figure out how they will survive as a team to maybe one day return to civilization. In the game, players fight to survive against the vast sea, exploring islands and seabed to further build their floating home.

The object of the game is to survive, to carry on with no death in sight. Over the years, Raft made a lot of new developments. From enemy types to locations that involve bustling cities. Raft has a loyal fan base and most recently in June received the final chapter. Players should keep an eye out for man-eating sharks and new tools to craft.

seven don’t starve

With a very distinct style, don’t starve teaches players right from the start that they have to be careful and not play with fire. Fire is safety in don’t starve, because darkness is just as terrifying as hunger. In this survival game, players will have to encounter an uncompromising wilderness filled with science and magic.

By gathering resources, players can craft items and structures to suit their survival style. The game is filled with strange creatures and dangers that are there to destroy the player and prevent him from surviving, that’s why the mind is essential to survive as long as possible.

6 The Last of Us: Factions

bad dog The last of us is often considered one of the greatest narrative games of all time. What many didn’t expect was the vastly different experience that could be found in the game’s multiplayer. The Last of Us Multiplayer may seem like a player versus player experience, it goes much deeper than that. Players will be in charge of a faction and must help them survive for 12 weeks.

Surviving the 12 weeks is essential for a “prestige” rank in The Last of Us Multiplayer. Players will have to play online and find the targeted amount of supplies to keep their clan healthy and prosperous. Additional supplies can be used to increase the number of clans and withstand the onslaught of infected and hunters who will try to suppress the number of players.

5 Rust

As a multiplayer-only title, Rust is a survival game where players can work together or against each other in multiple ways. Spawning with nothing but a birthday suit and a rock, players will have to brave the natural dangers of heat and cold, thirst and starvation, and other hostilities like creatures and players alike. to survive and thrive in Rust.

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Rust has only one objective, to survive. Everything on the sprawling island wants the player dead. It’s up to the player to kill them first or build enough defenses and advancements in tools and technology to make another night seem easy by comparison.

4 The forest

After a horrible plane crash, the player takes the place of the last survivor. Not only do players need to be wary of what they eat, drink and their sanity in The forestbut they will also have to beware of the cannibalistic mutants that inhabit the deep forests.

This first-person survival horror game has a lot of thrills, especially at night. Players need to find a great place to camp and build a place safe from the horrible hordes of cannibals, which make noise to further scare the player. As the night progresses, so do the horrors.

3 The long darkness

A thoughtful and intimate gaming experience that challenges single player players to think for themselves. In this survival game, players explore the vast frozen wilderness after a horrific geomagnetic disaster. The game does not rely on horror elements like cannibals or zombies to create a thrilling experience. Instead, the player must fight the cold and nature itself.

The game is about surviving by all means. The long darkness maybe as long as the player has the will to survive, things seem almost hopeless other than the innate desire to survive that plagues every thought.

2 Call of Duty: Zombies

The objective of Call of Duty: Zombies is simple and has remained the same ever since Call of Duty World at Warand will do it well beyond Call of Duty: Vanguard. Players must survive as long as possible. Round after round, the undead hordes will grow stronger and angrier as they try to take down the player.

The only objective of Call of Duty: Zombies is not an easy challenge, as players will have no place to escape until they succumb to the overwhelming numbers and strength of the undead. Survival will require skill and great weapons in this game mode.

1 Minecraft

There are many things that Minecraft offers players, but the main one might just be the friendly and inviting look of the game and its style. As a survival game, players can truly choose their experience Minecraft. They can build cool artworks and buildings or venture out as a miner. The possibilities are almost limitless, but the goal remains the same: to survive.

Minecraft is a great title, loved by many, and a steady stream of content picks up to keep the game fresh. survive in Minecraft isn’t always so easy, as monsters like Creepers, Zombies, and Endermen will prevent a peaceful night’s rest.

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