Bluffton Village 2021 Recap

Have you started creating a “To-Do” list for 2022? The Icon also recommends taking the time to create a “Done” list. Council member Joe Sehlhorst used his notes to compile the following recap for the village of Bluffton:

Just a few of the many accomplishments mentioned, of which we can all be proud.

Thank you all for your hard work, service and dedication to benefit the village.


The Federal Infrastructure Bill is adopted. Ohio expects to receive $ 1.1 billion for improved water structure. In addition, $ 1.1 billion for sewage improvements. To see what Bluffton qualifies for.

Ottawa Water Rate 2022 $ 2.62 per CCF. For 2021, $ 2.44.

Bluffton Airport – The Coronavirus Response and Rescue Supplementary Appropriation Act (CRRSA) has allocated $ 13,000 for costs related to operations, personnel, cleaning, sanitation, maintenance, the fight against the spread of pathogens and the payment of debt service. Bluffton Flying Service has completed the work. Money spent to rehabilitate the airport toilets and the sanitation station.


Exit 140 Improvements I-75 – J&D Snyder in partnership with Bluffton Stone Co. is assisting the Village project for the “Welcome” sign. Placed a limestone rock 24 tons, 19 ‘long (considered the largest ever removed from the quarry). Masterpiece Signs is working on the design to showcase at Bluffton In Bloom.

Bluffton Airport master plan in final stages. Launched in 2016 by Richland Engineering, Bluffton Village, with the FAA group.

Board of Health: Kathy Luhn, Allen County Director of Public Health, is retiring. She was wonderful.


Sponsorship approved by Bluffton Hospital for the Village Park disc golf course for $ 6,600; 25-year term with possibility of renewal.

Power for Blaze of Lights is now supplied by our power supply at Presbyterian Alley.

The Patterson family present the 13-star flag made in 1853 by Margaret Jane Hammond Patterson, former wife of Mayor James Patterson. Flag placed inside the window of the town hall.

Sump pump inspections. Intention to achieve compliant sump pump connections in every building in Bluffton to minimize the amount of clear water (storm and ground) pumped to our treatment plant

August 2021

Pathway Board is working to complete a full application with the American Cycling League to put Bluffton on the map as a cycling community. 450 municipalities are part of the group.

12 new bicycle racks installed. Locations include Cherry @Twisted Whisk, Family Dollar, CNB Parking Lot, and Main St. Et Cetera

New addition to Buckeye Park, Gaga Ball Court. Built by Carter Dailey for his Eagle Scout project.

JULY 2021

PerryProtech to update connections at all Village locations with the Internet and improve cybersecurity. Cost $ 8,603.00

Thank you Grob Apprenticeship Program for their hard work and donating 4 stainless steel cutouts attached to the bridge on Jefferson St. (SR 103).

Bluffton In Bloom receives $ 2000 for the beautification of Village Alley next to Edward Jones.

JUNE 2021

The Board enters into a professional services agreement of $ 99,250 with Wessler Engineering for the upgrades of the Wastewater Treatment Plant – Instrumentation and SCADA “Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition”.

American Rescue Plan Act. Bluffton will receive $ 427,796.91. The money will help to help (October):

Projects under consideration for 2022 include Lawn & Jackson Water Main $ 390,000, Sewer Diversion SR 103 $ 309,000, Bentley Rd. Realignment $ 269,000, University water main replacement? Other projects: WTP communications upgrade $ 70,000, UV cabinet replacement $ 90,000

SumiRiko employees help the village with service projects that include painting fire hydrants and preparing tree planting sites.

MAY 2021

Tree Commission West Elm Street Project. Letter sent to residents as part of the btw reconstruction project. Spring and Bentley. Ask residents if they would like a tree, donate, not want a tree and future planting sites. And stressing the importance for residents of watering and caring for trees, especially in the first months after planting. The goal is to plant twenty trees for those who are the most excited. In total, the plan foresees 127 possible sites.

Zoning violators can be reported on the village website.

The Black Swamp Football Tournament uses the Village Park and CNB football fields for the tournament this year. Usually in Bluffton U. due to Covid-19. The park looked great.

APRIL 2021

Pass the Sidewalk Café on Vine St. (Greenhorn Restaurant) allowing outdoor alcohol consumption.

Parks presents a plan from Grob employees (Grant and Evan) to set up the disc golf course at Village Park. Estimated cost $ 18,000; Baskets $ 7,000, concrete slabs $ 5,000, signage $ 3,000. Review of ODNR grants for outdoor recreation. In November, grant of $ 7,500 from ODNR.

Events are happening again…. Through vaccines and reasonable safety behavior; Memorial Day Parade, Trout Derby, Festival of Wheels, Paint the Street, Church Concert at the Riley Creek Mercantile Building.

ODOT is investing $ 21M in the construction of the I-75 freeway from Beaverdam to Bluffton.

MARCH 2021

Issue discovered with water meter battery life on newly installed radio transceivers. All warranty units replaced.

Public Services Committee working on Ch. 53 Sewer Regulation

American Rescue Plan Act $ 350 billion for the states; Over $ 11 billion for Ohio (state $ 5.68 billion, counties $ 5.41 billion). Bluffton could receive up to $ 800,000.


Dominion Gas Main Replacement Project. Replacement of 5,296ft along N. Main Street, Vine Street to Riley Street and general areas within one block on either side of N. Main Street.

Res 6-21 has contracted with Underground Utilities, Monroeville for Ph. 2 Jefferson St. Project. Cost $ 813,882. Our friends from Hillibrand re-bid for the project for $ 483 million.

Watershed “BRWP” and West Central Ohio Land Conservancy for the premiere of Zoom,

Conservation and agriculture: where land meets water. Bluffton, Little Riley Creek Focus.

Find out how farmers and landowners can benefit from conservation practices while improving water quality and the landscapes of Northwest Ohio. Friday February 26. Representative of Senator Brown and Representative of 5th District of Ohio, Bob Latta, on call.

Electrical aggregation program. New rate of 4.50 cents per KWh. Old rate 4.89 cents.


Board meetings revert to Zoom for 2 months at Mitch’s request.

2021 Return shipments are sent. Required by EPA

Summary of zoning and construction permits 2020 – Total 80 permits = $ 4.47 M; 7 houses = $ 2.6M; 6 Commercial / Industrial. = $ 1.0 million


2020 FAA CARES Act to fully fund the rehabilitation of Taxiway “C”. Total cost $ 1.1 million. As a rule, Village pays 5%. Sponsored by the FAA. Construction in 2021. Save $ 55K at the Village.

After the 3rd reading of Ord. 12-2020 Ordinance on animals laying down regulations concerning the keeping of animals.

2021 Ottawa water rate $ 2.44 per CCF. In 2020, $ 2.30

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