Delinea’s Joseph Carson honored with the OnCon Icon Award

Joseph Carson, Delinea’s Chief Security Scientist and CISO Advisor, has been recognized as one of the Top 50 Information Security Professionals at the 2022 OnCon Icon Awards.

The awards recognize the top 100 information security professionals who have had a significant impact on their current or previous business, contributed significantly to their professional community through thought leadership, generated innovation in their role or their careers and demonstrated exceptional leadership.

The OnConferences team selects finalists based on nominations and nominations, with public voting selecting the winners of the Icon Awards.

Additionally, recipients of these awards represent some of the world’s top information security professionals.

“I am very grateful to receive this Icon Award recognition, especially since the nominations come from information security professionals and are determined by peer observation,” says Carson.

“I am honored to be placed among such an incredible and respected list of leaders who are all working towards a common goal of making our digital and physical worlds safer and more secure.”

Carson is an active member of the cybersecurity community and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

Additionally, he is a cybersecurity advisor to several governments, critical infrastructure organizations, and financial and transportation industries.

Often speaking at industry and government events globally, Carson is also regularly cited as an expert resource in global cybersecurity, technology and business publications.

Additionally, Carson hosts the award-winning cybersecurity podcast 401 Access Denied with Cybrary, which recently surpassed 100,000 plays.

Carson’s OnCon Icon Award recognition comes after Delinea announced new features and enhancements to expand the capabilities of its Secret Server in June, including design updates and new security controls.

Privileged Access Management vendor introduced Remote Access Service, which offers browser-based RDP/SSH session management without VPN for remote contractors and employees.

In addition to Secret Server’s current session management capabilities, the Remote Access Service also makes it easier to use and reduces friction because it does not require an end-user client or VPN connection to support the different environments and systems used by an extended workforce.

The Remote Access Service works with Secret Server on-premises and in the cloud.

Secret Server’s latest update also brings enhancements to its existing disaster recovery capabilities by providing enterprises with automated redundancy to ensure quick access to secrets in the event of infrastructure failure.

Delinea notes that improved cloud infrastructure enables seamless failover, faster disaster recovery, and hybrid failover.

Additionally, these updates mean that customers now have the ability to automatically replicate secret data to another instance on-premises or in the cloud to ensure resiliency.

“With this latest release of Secret Server, we are improving secrets resiliency for our customers with automated disaster recovery options for on-premises and cloud,” said Phil Calvin, chief product officer at Delinea.

“We’re also improving usability and reducing friction by providing session management capabilities that don’t require any VPNs or end-user clients to better support today’s environment where more employees and contractors are working remotely. “

The latest release also includes improvements to password complexity rules, revisions to incident response practices, and numerous user interface enhancements for a seamless user experience.

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