Encrypt.me VPN offers comprehensive online security protection and some unique twists


Having a Virtual Private Network (VPN) protecting your online activities is as essential for surfing the web in 2020 as wearing a jacket in the winter in Minnesota. But with dozens of VPN companies clamoring for customers, a few are trying to uplift the game by offering unique services that smaller competitors cannot.

This is one of the selling points of Encrypt me, a Los Angeles-based provider that Lifehacker called “a VPN service that stands out for its dead simplicity and easy-to-understand policies. ”

If a pragmatic approach to safe and manageable online security with a few neat wrinkles tempts you, Encrypt.me could end up in your shortlist of possible protection services.

If you just want simple, secure internet access and online cyber threat protection, Encrypt.me offers you 70 locations in over 40 countries, all accessible through fully encrypted broadband connections. Armed with Encrypt.me’s native security and encryption technology, hackers and other online snoopers will not be able to see or access any of your information.

But Encrypt.me is also the first – and still one of the only – VPN providers to offer customers private VPN endpoints hosted in the cloud, an isolated secure server space available on your own private cloud space, manageable only. by you.

So unlike other VPN services, this option gives you your own fully protected IP with Encrypt.me which is always the same. No more sharing of IP addresses and no more time-wasting CAPTCHAs.

Encrypt.me also simply gave users the option to create their own content filtering, so that you can block malware, viruses, ad trackers, adult content or gambling, even the ailments of Facebook and Twitter if you like.

Right now, you can check out access to three years of Encrypt.me premium VPN protection for two-thirds of the regular price, a savings of $ 200 which cuts your costs for only $ 99.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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