Film icon Kang Soo-youn buried

SEOUL, May 11 (Yonhap) — Iconic movie star Kang Soo-youn was laid to rest Wednesday in Seoul after spending half a century in the Korean film industry.

His funeral service began at 10 a.m. in a hall at the Samsung Medical Center in southern Seoul attended by about 100 family members, friends and people from the film industry.

Kang, the first Asian to win the Best Actress award at the Venice International Film Festival, died of a brain hemorrhage in hospital on Saturday, two days after suffering cardiac arrest. She was 55 years old.

“I wish it was just a movie scene,” said actor Yoo Ji-tae, who conducted the funeral. He became so emotional that he could no longer speak.

Kim Dong-ho, former board chairwoman of the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) who had known Kang for decades, regretted the burden her status as an iconic figure in the film industry must have placed on her.

“You lived a tough life wearing the world star crown at the age of 21,” Kim said. “You lived more honorably and more like a star, standing firm to protect your honor and pride. You were a tough, wise, and strong householder. Showing strong leadership and inclusiveness, you loved young actors and made them follow your steps with confidence.”

Director Im Kwon-taek gave a short, choking eulogy.

“Soo-youn, I’ve always been reassured to have you, as a friend, a daughter and a younger sister. What’s the rush to leave so soon? Rest in peace,” he said. declared.

Foreign filmmakers sent in music videos to honor the late actress.

Jennifer Jao, vice president of the Taipei Film Commission, described Kang as “a role model for people in the film industry around the world” in a video, while Taiwanese actress Yang Kuei-mei said that she was “always the most dazzling goddess to us”.

Tsai Ming-liang, a Malaysian-born filmmaker in Taiwan, expressed his condolences silently as he stared into the distance in a video.

The mourners’ sobs escalated when a video highlighting the life of the deceased, such as winning at various film festivals and leading an industry-wide movement to defend the “screen quota” system “requiring theaters to fill a portion of their screen time with local films, aired.

Director Im and his wife, along with young actors including Jung Woong-in, Kim Ah-joong, Uhm Jung-hwa and Ye Ji-won, bid their final farewells to Kang before director Yeon Sang-ho and three actors, including Jung Woo-sung and Sul Kyung-gu carried his coffin out of the hall.

After the hour-long service ended and all the mourners left, only the banner reading “Goodbye, a star fairer than all the stars in the sky” remained on the wall.

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