Five reasons why the Aliens TV show is a bad idea

Decades have passed since Alien was introduced to pop culture as one of the greatest sci-fi horror films of all time. In the years after the first movie, there was a big sequel, and then several more sequels that didn’t quite hit on all cylinders. That hasn’t stopped people from following the franchise, but the current situation leaves people wanting more because they’d like to see something worthy of the original movie, and it’s an incredibly popular sequel that’s become one of best sequels ever made. . Noah Hawley’s decision to bring the Alien story to television sounds like something that may not have the best chance of success. Some people might think this will be a great idea, but right now it looks like something that’s going to have a very tough time. Here are 5 reasons why the Alien TV show is a bad idea.

5. It’s going to take place on earth, like a prequel.

Sounds like a problem because the possibility of confinement on earth, especially these days, is the kind of story that you can’t help but think will fail after a while, or end up creating a retcon from the movie that is bound to irk a few fans. The idea is that it will happen before Ripley’s time, which might satisfy some fans but upset others since she helped make the franchise what it was after all. But the other part of the story takes place in the current era, making it seem like xenomorphs will be a weirdly well-kept secret. It happened in both AVP movies after all, but it’s still a lot of plot armor that’s bound to have a few gaps here and there.

4. Movies that become shows don’t always work.

There are exceptions, as the transition from film to television is not always considered a downgrade. But the fact that Alien started out as a movie and is now coming to TV makes it feel like it’s a bit of a step up, if only because it looks like the story is on point. to be stretched to breaking point through so many episodes. It still feels like there’s a lot of life left in the Alien franchise for those willing to push it forward, and making a TV show might not be a death knell, but it certainly looks like something which could end up doing more harm than good in the long run.

3. It is difficult (if not impossible) to improve on the original idea.

It doesn’t feel like Hawley is trying to top the original movie, nor is there the possibility that a TV show will, but there’s always the chance that someone will make a comparison and people do it. pick up on it. There’s a big possibility that it’ll be completely disappointing, and that’s even worse because it tends to mean that the franchise would be headed in the wrong direction, which means it’s doomed to lose the quality that allowed the fans to stick around for so long. Sounds a bit like paranoia no doubt, but it’s still a possibility.

2. Diehard fans will probably rip this.

If the diehards end up endorsing this idea and praising it, it’s time to be at least a little surprised, but if they’re true to form, it’s bound to happen that the comments will start running fast and furious if Hawley isn’t I don’t want to follow the same ideas that have been put forward since Alien came out. Fanboys and gals who like to nitpick and separate every scene from every movie while analyzing every second will no doubt do the same with this series when it finally comes out. Their brutality will largely depend on Hawley’s efforts, which will hopefully be solid.

1. There is a real danger in dragging on too long.

If there’s one thing that can kill an idea, it’s letting it drag on too long. Partly because of this, the Alien franchise has been able to last a while since movies come and go in a matter of hours or so. Dragging things along with a series is a chance for big ideas to come up, it’s true. But what’s equally true is that a series that lasts eight or more episodes is going to face the very serious challenge of coming up with new material that will entice people to watch and allow them to enjoy something that isn’t was not submitted on television. treatment for now. It’s a hope that this idea won’t come true, but it’s a bit too likely that it will. It’s very easy to wish Noah Hawley luck on this project, but as has been said before, hope for the best and expect the worst.

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