Fortnite Moon Knight Skin Doesn’t Wait For The Disney+ Show To End

Fortnite’s latest Marvel collab added Moon Knight skins, but they didn’t wait for the Disney+ show to end to remove them from sale.

Yet another Marvel hero has joined the fortnite special guest list via new skins in the form of moon knight and his alternate character, Mr. Knight, but Epic didn’t wait for the Disney Plus series to end to remove them from sale. Epic’s massively successful multiplayer battle royale game featured several character skins inspired by Marvel Comics and its vast pantheon of costumed heroes and villains, dating back to Thanos’ promotion. Avengers: Infinity War in 2018. Since then, classic Marvel icons like Deadpool, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange have all joined fortniteto the point that some fans have started to worry that Epic is relying too much on the novelty of these guest character skins rather than the battle royale gameplay fortnite is famous for.

All the same, these characters remain a popular addition to fortnite, and Epic has shown little indication of stopping them anytime soon. There are still a lot of Marvel characters to exploit to be playable fortnite skins – like Moon Knight, who recently came to mainstream attention thanks to Oscar Issac’s portrayal of him in the moon knight Disney+ series. Even before his MCU debut earlier this year, Moon Knight was quite a popular character among die-hard Marvel fans and even appeared in several video games over the years, like the one from 2008. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. For the uninitiated, Marc Spector is a former mercenary who once made a deal with the Egyptian moon god Khonshu after a job went wrong, with the deity reviving the dying Marc to serve as his avatar and enforcer. of Justice. To complicate matters, Marc suffers from dissociative identity disorder (DID) and therefore harbors several alternate personalities. Some of these Quirks have their own costumed identities, like Mr. Knight in a tuxedo who serves as Steven Grant’s alter-ego in the live-action. moon knight series.

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Moon Knight skins have joined fortnite for a limited time, starting in late April, before being removed from the Item Shop on May 1. fortnite The Twitter account announced that Moon Knight would be available as a guest character skin in both his standard Egyptian armor and Mr. Knight’s classy white suit, both inspired by their live-action appearances. moon knight series. Also included in from Fortnite The Moon Knight Set consists of Moon Knight’s Crescent Moon Cloak Back Attachment and Harvesting Tool. It seems that Epic doesn’t want to wait until the Disney Plus series has finished its series before removing them from sale, leaving many disappointed.

Moon Knight probably isn’t the last Marvel character to appear in fortnite, as recent rumors have suggested that Miles Morales may be joining Peter Parker as a playable character fortnite skin in the future. Of course, Epic tapped into non-Marvel sources for guests. fortnite characters, with skins based on video games like Uncharted, god of war, and Forbidden Horizon West being added regularly. The next big cross-media fortnite the promotion could come during this month star wars Celebration of the day, with leaks revealing that fortniteThe lightsaber’s playable weapons could return to mark the occasion.

Moon Knight has gained a lot of exposure through his live-action series, which is currently set to air its final episode later this week. While their first stint in fortniteThe Item Shop was brief, Moon Knight and Mr. Knight have now joined the vast lineup of superheroes, game protagonists and even real-life celebrities who have come to the island for a frantic round of action. of fortress building battle royale.

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