Frustrated Halo Infinite Players Think The TV Show Is A Wasted Opportunity

Halo Infinite did not feature any crossover promotional content marking the release of the new Halo show, which some fans consider a missed opportunity.

fans of Infinite Halo noticed that the game lacks cross-promotional content with the Halo TV show. It’s part of a much wider negative sentiment that has gripped the game’s fan base recently, as several Infinite Halo players are unhappy with the state of the game and its live service elements.

It seems like Infinite Halo might struggle to adopt the live-service formula present in so many other high-profile franchises. InfiniteThe multiplayer mode was the first in the series to be free-to-play, which has thrilled countless players in the weeks since its successful launch late last year. Most fans thought a slew of new content was on the way, along with fixes for the game’s many shortcomings – the most notable being its problematic progression and battle pass system. However, many players feel that the changes to the game were rare, although Infinite Halo added new modes and unlockables. With the arrival of a new Paramount+ show based on the series’ iconic lore, it was thought that new cosmetics, events, or content would be made available.


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That hasn’t been the case, however, and fans are once again angry at Infinite Halo. A viral tweet from HiddenXperia points out that “literally nothing“occurred in Infinite Halo to promote the new show, suggesting that more should be happening in the live game to commemorate or celebrate the occasion. The tweet was then shared on the Halo subreddit by Mother-Chocolate-505, drawing the attention of several gamers who agree with HiddenXperia’s feelings of disappointment and lamenting the general lack of interesting new content in the game.

It’s interesting to see fans reacting this way, because cross-promotional content isn’t usually something that hotly requested. These feelings of frustration may reflect the state of Infinite Halo as it enters its second season. If the game provided more content that fans were happy with, the lack of crossover TV content probably wouldn’t be as controversial.

It seems somewhat strange that Infinite Halo would lack references or TV events, as it seems like a cheap and easy way to advertise the new series. However, there’s a good chance that some sort of crossover content is coming in the future, especially if the series does well. Hopefully this lack of content is a sign that 343 Industries is hard at work on even better additions for the game.

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Infinite Halo is currently available on PC and Xbox consoles.

Source: HiddenXperia/TwitterMother-Chocolate-505/Reddit

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