Gilas needs a long-term plan, not a one-night stand

CHICAGO – You must have noticed that too.

Jordan Clarkson, the usually shy and reserved NBA star of the Utah Jazz, has been everywhere for the past few days.

He was at a club on Saturday night. He graced Game 1 of the PBA Finals on Sunday. And this morning, a video of him urging support for Gilas spread as a COVID variant on various social media platforms.

Parading Clarkson, along with the much-hyped arrival of Kai Sotto, sounds and sounds like the familiar Samahang Basketbol Ng Plipinas (SBP) modus operandi (MO).

For these guys who run the SBP, it’s always about the hype and not the hoop.

Sizzle instead of steak. The style not the substance.


Gilas fans have a flair for the obvious, they don’t fall for this diversion rocket easily, even when it’s layered with showbiz star power.

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And that’s why the SBP continues to be engulfed in flames of anger and mistrust just about everywhere you consume your news.

Look, all this glitz and circumstance around Clarkson and Kai isn’t deodorizing the feces lathering up on the walls of our basketball program.

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Married to professional contracts in the NBA and NBL, respectively, Clarkson and Kai’s commitment will never be 100% guaranteed.

INSTEAD OF MAKING ALL THE NOISE SILLY On their way to a pair of two glorified exhibition games in a FIBA ​​window, why not do everything possible to ensure their availability in the World Cup we co-host next year?

The SBP acts like a confused and bewildered party planner. He focused more on desserts and starters and has no idea what main course, if any, should be served.

And there are more questions to answer.

Is relying heavily on Japan B. League regulars Bobby Ray Parks, Dwight Ramos and the Ravena Brothers sustainable? And the alliance with SMC, is it tenable? Or did the beer giant shake hands with the MVP group only because they didn’t want to anger the public over lack of support at a World Cup playing in our backyard?

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Note to SBP.

Create a pool of players who can commit and practice full time year round. To open the doors to this, you need to marry SMC and not just settle for an affair. It’s the only way to get the best of the best in the PBA.

Hire a top notch coach who is dedicated to the job and has experience in the international game. Oh wait, Gilas already had Nenad Vucinic but he would have been undermined and left angry.

Gilas also needs a program director with a proven philosophy on how we can compete with the world. But again, we already had Tab Baldwin and he was drowned out by the politics around the federation.

A lot of work needs to be done, but the SBP is too busy doing photo ops with Jordan while plotting and writing Kai’s next Instagram story.


But here is good news.

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Jordan Clarkson almost single-handedly put the Nenad Vucinic disaster on the back burner.

But not for long.

“As soon as he is comfortable and feels safe and away from the Philippines, maybe he will talk to you and tell you the whole story,” a source close to the divorce told me.

I can not wait.

That, however, would be a column for another day.

For now, it’s all about Jordan Clakrson, the knight in shiny, glittering armor.

Trying to hide the bad smell of his misfires, the SBP has really sprayed himself with a lot of perfume when he needs a long, beneficial shower.

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