Gotham Knights Robin Trailer Is What The Show Should Have Been

With many fans yet to come from Matt Reeves’ summit The Batmanit’s easy to see why the CWs Gotham Knights been the subject of so much criticism. The trailer teased a campy, low-budget series that gave Gotham a cinematic feel. It focused on Turner (Bruce Wayne’s adopted son) working with the children of Dead Bat enemies, such as Duela Dent. Along with Carrie Kelly (the new Robin), Stephanie Brown (Spoiler) and Harper Row, the teens go on the loose to solve the mystery of Bruce’s death, unlocking their own superhero destiny.

However, while the ambition is there, the execution felt underwhelming, teasing a cheesy effort that won’t live up to expectations. The fan backlash at nearly every scene, plus that gruesome shot of Batman’s mask sums it all up – maybe it was an idea that was better on paper. However, the latest character trailer featuring the Gotham Knights The video game’s interpretation of Robin shows what the series should have been like.

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The video showed Tim Drake’s Robin doing his part in Gotham after Bruce’s death. He wears incredible suits, from sleek, urban balaclavas that Gen Z can connect with, to vintage designs that look like they’re pulled from Damian Wayne’s wardrobe. He also uses Justice League tech for short-range teleportation, slingshots with flare bombs, his spinning staff to deflect bullets, and even holograms to distract opponents.

In short, this Robin is a one-man wrecking crew that fits in well with the other Bat-family members such as Nightwing, Jason Todd, and Batgirl/Barbara Gordon on missions. Gameplay also showed off masterful teams, highlighting how hard they do to uphold the Dark Knight’s legacy, while stopping villains such as the Court of Owls, Talons, Penguin, and Two-Face.

It’s the kind of story and enemies the CW should have focused on, shaping a personal arc for the Batfamily after losing its patriarch. As such, Damian would have actually been a powerful character to use, as he would have mourned a father who was now launching him into his career and villains who had been trying to break the Waynes down for ages. Since Damian was not mentioned in the Titans TV show, he could have easily adapted to this narrative, rocking the game’s Tim aesthetic, while wearing armor to honor the League of Assassins and the al Ghuls. With all these modern weapons in his arsenal, he simply would have been a better mark than some weird kid nobody knows.

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This Robin would have been an automatic draw, avoiding Talia and Ra’s, while wondering if Harvey Dent is really his ally. Such a direction capitalizes much better on the basics of the series, which would have organically allowed the other teenagers to fit in instead of the game’s senior Bat members. That would have bought the action, as well as the mystery-solving detective. roaming Gotham, which feels like a massive upgrade to what fans hated with Turner. Nancy Drew crew.

Viewers just want the bar raised, not lowered to something substandard. With a better Robin kicking Gotham’s ass and living up to the Caped Crusader’s mantle, he had become a symbol that Spoiler and Carrie/Robin could look up to and train with. Even the rebellious Harper would realize that Robin is the leader they should follow, covering the same isolated, angsty beat as Robin tries to maintain his father’s vision.

It would also have toppled the Damian-led DC Teen Titans, making his knights a natural offshoot, while having a warrior as fierce as the Boy Wonder realizing, with this army, that he must be careful not to kill. In the end, he would have weapons to easily break the one bat rule, which would have made the trip to television even better as the violent Robin struggled to stay in the light he found with his new family.

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