Halo Show Star Says It Took A Month Before He Could Move Into His Costume

Bokeem Woodbine, who stars as Soren in the upcoming Halo TV show, talks about the challenges he faced while fitting his costume for the show.

Bokeem Woodbine, who stars as Soren in the upcoming Halo TV show, recently opened up about the struggles he faced while fitting his costume for the show. Woodbine stars alongside Pablo Schreiber, Natascha McElhone, Yerin Ha and Charlie Murphy in the sci-fi series. The show is inspired by the hit Xbox FPS series of the same name.

In Halo, Woodbine plays Soren-066, a former Spartan-II super-soldier who left the UNSC (United Nations Space Command), setting up his own independent operations among humanity’s outer colonies in the 26th century. A character introduced for the first time in the story “Pariah“written by BK Evenson as part of the”Halo Evolutionsanthology novel, Soren left the UNSC after his body rejected Project Spartan-II augmentations, disappeared after his ship crashed and his fate remained unknown. However, with the Halo With the TV show having its own separate continuity, Soren was given a larger in-universe role, and Woodbine shed light on his experience working on the show.


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While speaking on the show TCA Winter Press Tour panel, Woodbine talked about donning the series’ iconic Mjolnir armor. Calling the experience a journey, Woodbine discussed his character’s desertion, explaining that it can be seen with the way he wears his armor. Woodbine went on to explain that although his armor differed from other Spartans seen on the show, it was still difficult to wear, telling him that he had to wear a weight vest for a month and a half to adjust to wearing the armor for production. . Check out Woodbine’s memento below:

The costume is a trip, man. I had it better than the other Spartans, because my character kind of, you know, went AWOL. So I have the training and I have a lot of armor, but I also have some freedom in how I put it together. So my character kind of fragmented the parts that he thought were less heavy and important and kind of, you know, avoided the other parts. So I didn’t have it as bad as other guys and women. But it was intense, you know, putting that on every day. It was not easy. I had to walk around in a weighted vest for about a month and a half just to find some sort of, you know, minimal movement.

As stated by Woodbine, his armor differs from other Spartans seen in the series. Seen from the official Halo trailer, the Master Chief (Schrieber) and the other Silver Team Spartans are almost always in their full armor, with only glimpses of Kai-125 (Kate Kennedy), Rice-028 (Natasha Culzac), and Vannak-134 ( Bentley Kalu) without their helmets as they get dressed. Soren, on the other hand, apparently doesn’t have a helmet, instead wearing his armor under clothing, once again seen in the trailer when he’s on a street on the rubble, as well as when he is next to Kwan (Ha) in the rain in a still unknown world. Although the suits are difficult to use, 343 Industries said they are committed to creating them in a practical way, revealing in a blog post that the practical suits helped improve the actor’s performance.

While Master Chief and the other Spartan costumes are awesome, Soren’s costume is a perfect way to separate himself from his fellow Spartans. As they fight on the front lines for all of humanity, Soren has his own lenses that show the other sides of life in the 26th century, and his costume designs reflect that. Although her Mjolnir armor might have been difficult to adjust on set, Woodbine’s costume is an impressive costume that perfectly captures the universe of the Halo games for television audiences.

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Source: TCA Winter Press Tour

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