Halo TV Show Canon will exist separately from games with a silver timeline

“We call it the Halo Silver timeline to differentiate it from the base gun,” says Kiki Wolfkill of 343 Industries.

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The eagerly awaited Halo The TV series coming to Paramount + in 2022 will have a completely different canon than the beloved game series according to Kiki wolfkill, the studio manager for transmedia at 343 Industries, which houses the Halo universe.

In an interview shared on Twitter via Halopedia, Wolfkill explains that the TV series will be somewhat different from the games. “We have a different context and perspective to some of these stories that we’ve experienced or read in games,” says Wolfkill. Keeping the same parts of the canon, while also stating that the TV series will differ from the games in various ways, allows the two to exist simultaneously without being tied to each other narratively. Wolfkill goes into more detail here:


“We call this the Halo Silver timeline as a way to differentiate it from the base gun and both protect the base gun and protect the history of TV, and by that I mean being able to give us the chance to evolve both and for both to be what they should be for their mediums without colliding with each other. “

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Halo has had other spinoffs, including books, comics, and an animated series, but this is the first time we’ve come across a new timeline. When playing the Halo games you are from the perspective of the Master Chief, however, the TV series will present the story with the viewer, being just that. Even the first trailer for the Halo series hints at a fresh start, with the voiceover closing the teaser with the words “I see this as a new beginning.”

The stars of television series Pablo schreiber (Orange is the new black) as the Master Chief, it’s unclear if we’ll see his face on the show or if he’ll operate primarily in the Chief’s armor. Halo, the series, will also star Natascha McElhone (Designated Survivor), Yerin Ha, Bokeem Woodbine (Spiderman: Homecoming, Fargo), Charlie murphy (Peaky blinders), Shabana Azmi, Olive gray, Kate kennedy, Curved kalu, Natasha Culzac, Danny sapani, and Ryan mcparland. Jen taylor will resume her role as artificial intelligence Cortana, which she has voiced in all Halo Games. Halo was developed and written by Steven kane in collaboration with Kyle killen. Kane has written and produced several television series including The last boat, Major crimes, and The closest. Killen’s writing credits include Street of Fear: Part 1 – 1994 and the TV series Mind games, which he also created.

Halo will air exclusively on Paramount + in early 2022. Stay tuned with Collider for the latest news and updates on the new show.

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