Hawkeye: The 10 Best Costumes From The Disney + Show

Hawk Eye delivered a satisfying season finale that showed off the heroic look fans have been waiting for since The Archer entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Throughout the show there were a number of precise and fun comedic costumes that were both practical and story-driven.

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The MCU isn’t often shy about recreating actual villain and hero costumes from the comics, so the Dinsey + show is no different. While fans will be excited to see many of these characters return in the future, hopefully their iconic outfits will accompany them in future appearances as well.


The tracksuit mafia

Tracksuit Mafia in Hawkeye Disney +

The tracksuit mafia was pulled straight from the comics, with their memorable slogans and unique uniform. Just like the name suggests, this bunch of thugs comes outfitted in matching tracksuits, with the blood red color being the main feature of the look.

The tracksuit leader is defined by a black uniform, much like the source material, and the show’s finale also saw some festive green fighters. Overall, it’s a memorable closet choice that can be reused as these criminals continue to provide cannon fodder for Marvel’s street heroes.

Jacques Duquesne

Jack in his waistcoat in Hawkeye

Jack Duqeunse is the famous comic book swordsman, who has clearly learned a thing or two from his fencing experience over the years. While his allegiance was cloudy throughout Hawk Eye, the finale revealed he was perhaps more heroic than many might have thought. However, he did not put on his traditional costume.

Instead, the smart businessman went for a more elegant look, with a waistcoat and shirt accompanied by a sword on his hip. The overall design makes Jack feel like a fanatic adventurer from an old movie, which is perhaps exactly what Marvel intended. With a little more armor or an intricate design, this could turn into a truly iconic costume.

Wilson fisk

Wilson Fisk in his Hawaiian shirt in Hawkeye

Wilson Fisk’s return has been hailed by Marvel fans, and the end results haven’t disappointed. The character took some of the flamboyance from the page and applied it to the screen, complete with a Hawaiian shirt and matching fedora.

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It took a while for Kingpin to don his infamous white suit, but now the gloves are removed and Fisk’s most accurate iteration has been delivered in Hawk Eye, with a cane that is both deadly and announcing the presence of the monster.

Maya lopez

Hawkeye Echo Alaqua Cox Diversity MCU

Maya Lopez entered the MCU with huge impact, ahead of her lead role on the titular spinoff show Echo on Disney +. Comic book fans already know that Echo is associated with many symbols, from the handprint to the sun she wears on her leather jacket.

The look so far for the character is simple but effective. Blacks pay homage to the Ronin costume she might one day don, and the shape of the uniform reflects what fans know from the comics. While this is not yet a full hero costume, there are elements here that point in the right direction.

Elena Belova

Yelena Belova in Hawkeye with her mask and costume

Yelena Belova’s first appearance outside Black Widow was extremely exciting for audiences, especially since the character wore the costume that many are familiar with from the comics. The familiar night glasses from antihero Yelena’s appearances in the comics have taken center stage here.

The rest of the suit was a stealth black to blend in with the storyline of the assassin being pushed, while also being tied to the Black Widow name Belova currently carries with her. There were a number of intriguing gadgets attached to the suit, some of which Natasha allegedly used!

The Avengers Clint Barton

The original by Clint Barton Avengers the look makes a reappearance in Hawk Eye during a vital flashback for Kate Bishop. While this isn’t his best costume of the season, it does remind fans of how far the character has come, with those early purple hues teasing the future costume.

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The gear is very tactical and inspired by the SHIELD uniforms that were so popular at the time. Bow and arrows were limited in what they could do, as in the years since Clint continued to hone his craft, forging arrows for every type of situation. Overall, it’s a stealthy, combat-worn look.


Larp hawk eye

LARPs have become a leading force for good throughout Hawk Eye as they continue to aid this heroic duo in their mission to defeat Kingpin and the Tracksuit Mafia. While their original costumes are impressive, they don’t quite match the Warrior Three-esque look of the finale.

Larp have improved and now have access to real armor that they can use in battle. They may form their own team of superheroes in the future, helping vigilantes across New York City. Their legendary costumes will certainly help them stand out; civilians have already started to take them seriously because of the outfits.

Kate Bishop

End of episode 4 of Kate Bishop Hawkeye

Kate Bishop’s uniform evolves Hawk Eye but it largely starts the show off with the same look it did at the end, plus a few improvements including the logo and shoulder pads. Kate’s purple aesthetic really shines here and the superhero costume is clearly an inspiration she has given a lot of thought to.

It’s bright and cheerful, showcasing the kind of vigilante she wants to be, but it features all the bells and whistles needed to be a superhero. Her look inspires Clint to change her own image and could be a wonderful starting point for a number of exciting uniforms in the future.

Clint Barton final

Kate Bishop and Clint Barton in episode 6 of Hawkeye

Clint Barton’s look continues to change, but the latest iteration of his costume appears to have been inspired by the 2000s Hawkeye comics. Purples and slightly more practical outfits were accompanied by over-the-top ‘superhero’ features that finally put worth the vigilante.

The combination of eras is a weird mix, but they really work together. There are more opportunities than ever to hide secret pieces of equipment throughout the costume, and the quiver is loaded with more rigged arrows than Clint could have shown before.


Ronin’s costume has been introduced to the MCU before, but it has become one of the most recognizable costumes due to its sleek design and comic book precision. The ninja-esque look continues to scare criminals across the Marvel Universe.

The gold accent is a nice touch and there’s a prestige and presence to the uniform that few other outfits can replicate. While the series may end with the costume burning, it’s plausible that Echo will don his own version in the future.

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