Icon Protection™ unites four surface protection industry pioneers under one roof

Icon Protection is a collection of powerful brands known to protect jobsites: Ram Board®Surface shields®Trimaco®and Antinox®

CLEVELAND, August 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With over 1,000 years of collective industry experience, Ram Board, Surface Shields, Trimaco and Antinox are united under one parent brand: Icon Protection.

Icon Protection brings together four of the most influential, respected and prolific names in the field of jobsite protection. Icon Protection’s goal is to prepare the job site for the trades, so that the craftsmanship of the trades can shine.

Ram Board is strong and reliable. Its name is so powerful that professionals use the words “Ram Board” as a catch-all for floor protection.

Surface Shields created the jobsite protection category and literally coined the term “surface protection”.

Originating in the paint industry, and for over 100 years, Trimaco has offered an innovative and extensive product line that touches many different markets.

And across the pond, Antinox worked to become the from the United Kingdom undisputed premier supplier of exceptional performance products for every jobsite protection challenge.

“Creating a brand house will unify our team of more than 500 people, provide suppliers and customers with the ideal product portfolio, and enable tradesmen and women to work with purpose and pride as they grow. strive to meet specific and demanding expectations and deadlines,” says the Vice President of Marketing, Tim McDonough.

Together, these brands can leverage the thousands of jobsites they’ve been a part of in innovating products and solving meaningful problems. A wide range of industries will benefit from this high level of experience. These include painting and coating, construction, renovation and drywall, flooring, automotive and marine, disaster restoration, moving and storage. McDonough adds, “Icon Protection will be a company that always confidently prepares the job site and trades for success.

Icon Protection is a collection of powerhouse brands Ram Board, Surface Shields, Trimaco and Antinox. Known for jobsite protection that allows tradesmanship to shine, Icon Protection thrives on the relentless pursuit of innovation that requires them to be at the beginning and end of every successful project. Visit iconprotection.com or call Nicolas Roussin at 919-674-3479 for more information.

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