Jason Horne Francis North Melbourne Kangaroos 2022 new Show Me The Money

Jason Horne-Francis has been compared to all-time greats Michael Voss and Patrick Dangerfield during the North Melbourne scouting process as they salivate over a “special, generational” talent.

The 18-year-old midfielder was chosen No.1 by the giddy Kangaroos in last year’s AFL Draft and exclusive footage from inside their inner sanctum shows how obvious that decision was.

First episode of Stan’s new documentary show me the money – who makes his debut today – filmed the North Melbourne scouts watching footage from South Adelaide’s SANFL Preliminary Final against Glenelg.

Stan’s new hit AFL documentary series, Show Me The Money, will air on March 10. Click here to register and watch!

Jason Horne-Francis was the first-choice in the 2021 AFL Draft. (Stan)

“For an 18-year-old to do what he did in a final, and the rumor that he had quad pain before, he went ahead and almost won the game,” said said Glenn Luff, responsible for the kangaroo list.

“He hit the post twice, it could have been five goals. I came to the end of the game and wrote that he was the most complete player I have seen and that he has ended up with the most complete game of the year.”

Luff then asked Scott Clayton, the club’s head of player personnel, to come up with a player comparison.

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Jason Horne-Francis of the Kangaroos throws the ball to Casey Fields. (Getty)

“Damn, that would be a heavy tag if I tag him with someone, but there’s definitely a bit of Voss and there’s a bit of Dangerfield, isn’t there?” said Clayton, referring to the two AFL champions.

“His change of pace to get into position is as elite as I’ve ever seen.”

Luff agreed, “He’s the closest thing to Danger I’ve seen.”

Inside the AFL’s ‘meat market’

Horne-Francis is 1.85m tall and weighs 81kg.

He started playing against men aged 16 and averaged 16.5 takedowns, 3.2 clearances and 4.2 tackles while playing for South Adelaide.

“I first noticed Jason’s talent as an inferior player for the Under-16s,” his agent Ben Williams said.

“You just saw this freak of nature who was a great player, who didn’t really have a flaw, which is pretty rare, not having a flaw in his armor at 15.

“Multi-skilled, fast, competitive, tough and I thought he was going to be a special player. Why he’s special on the pitch is that he has such a complete game. There’s such an incredible explosion after the stop, it is very explosive.

“And he does the team things, the selfless things.”

Ben Williams watches Jason Horne-Francis get interviewed. (stan)

Jade Robran, Williams’ wife and business partner at Players Ink, was also impressed with Horne Francis’ maturity after guiding him through the pre-draft process.

“Even in this whole journey, where everyone talks about him being the No. 1 and a unique player in a generation, not once has that gone to his head,” Robran said.

“Jase didn’t have to face cameras or go on the radio or be quoted in the paper because everyone was talking about him. Everyone wants him but there’s only only one club that can have him.”

Ben Williams and Jade Robran of Players Ink. (stan)

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