June Agenda, May BPL Board Minutes

The Bluffton Public Library Board, 145 S. Main St., will meet at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 28. Below are the minutes of the May board meeting, which will be submitted for approval tonight.

These minutes provide an overview of the duties of the board and the operation of the library. These public meetings are held on the second floor in the Library Council Chamber and are open to the public, as are these minutes.

Minutes of the board of May 24, 2022

Members present: Robert Beer, Amy Mikesell, Carrie Phillips, Rob Scott, Chanda Smith, Nancy Yeager

Absent: Emily VonStein

Staff present: Jessica Hermiller, Jim Weaver

Robert Beer called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

NY/AM moved to approve the minutes of the Board meeting of April 26, 2022. By oral vote, the motion carried.

RS/NY offered to accept the end of April 2022 financial report.

Roulade: RB: yes; AM: yes; Computer: yes; RS: yes; CS: yes; VE: absent; NY: yes. Motion carried.

AM/CP has proposed to allocate an additional $100.00 to Account # 1000-210-339, Other Property Maintenance and Security Services to provide additional funds for alarm monitoring. Roulade: RB: yes; AM: yes; Computer: yes; RS: yes; CS: yes; VE: absent; NY: yes. Motion carried.

RS/AM moved to approve the 2023 budget request in the amount of $514,430.00 from the General Fund and $20,000.00 from the Capital Projects Fund for a combined total of $534,430.00 to be submitted to the Bluffton Exempted Village School District Board of Education, as taxing authority, for a public hearing in June before forwarding it to the Allen County Budget Commissions.

Roulade: RB: yes; AM: yes; Computer: yes; RS: yes; CS: yes; VE: absent; NY: yes. Motion carried.

During the director’s report, JH noted the following:

● The June 2022 calendar of events and information about the summer reading program have been distributed.

● The library continues to receive donations from the summer reading program. ● The light fixtures above the computer area of ​​the library will probably need to be replaced in the near future. JH studies solutions. Replacement is made more difficult because the light fixtures hang so far from the high ceiling of this space.

● JH is looking for quotes for lawn maintenance services. Our current lawn care supplier is short-staffed and can only keep up with mowing. Weeding and other landscape maintenance work is necessary. NY suggested a volunteer weeding day; some volunteer work has already taken place.

● The group of Friends will meet on Thursday 5/16 to finish planning for the used book sale (June 2-4) and continue working on their fall tea fundraiser.

● JH reported on meeting attendance and staff projects. Staff visited and received visits from students and teachers from Bluffton Schools for presentations of the Summer Reading Program.

● In Technology Updates, JH reported that a recent maintenance update for Symphony Workflows was successful, part is on order to fix public printer and library is updated to Google Workspace from a free enterprise version used by nonprofits which Google is phasing out.

The meeting ends at 7:00 p.m. The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, June 28, 2022 at 6:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Carrie Phillips, Secretary

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