‘Jurassic Park’ producer explains why hero Ellie Sattler is a feminist icon

Picture via Universal Pictures

OG jurassic park Producer Kathleen Kennedy has a feminist infatuation with Laura Dern’s character, Ellie Sattler.

Sattler, young doctor in paleobotany when he started in 1993 jurassic park, impressed Kennedy with his “strength and agency”. Moreover, as Kennedy said Varietyit was the line “Dinosaurs eat man. Woman inherits the earth” that was particularly moving.

“[Sattler] was independent, strong-willed, and able to confidently say a line like that. [She] was this amazing paleobotanist who didn’t need to be protected. . . We all loved it instantly. His character saying something like that was somewhat unique at the time. It was very avant-garde and new; though thankfully we’re seeing more and more characters like that now.

The dinosaur-centric blockbuster is responsible for the “jurassic park generation”, a mass of children inspired by the film to become paleontologists and consequently make more scientific discoveries than in previous generations. As a paleobotanist, Sattler probably contributed to the feminine side of the generation. These days, there are about as many female palaeontology students as there are males, if not more.

But it’s not just scientists that Sattler has inspired. Co-writer of the last jurassic park, Emily Carmichael, watched the original at age 11 and was taken by Sattler’s verve, which still impresses her today. “The fact that this character, in this environment, needs to drop this little bombshell in the lap of the patriarchy, I understand that better as a more mature woman,” Carmichael said.

Watch Sattler inspire yet another generation of diverse professionals when Jurassic World Dominion hits theaters on June 10.

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