November 24, 2019

Loans through internet

A large number of banks grant loans to individuals, but in most cases they require a large burden of documents and bureaucracy. If you need money urgently, this option may not be the fastest way. There is another much more convenient way to solve this problem: apply for a loan or any other city through the internet. The necessary official documents will be only in DNI or NIE, and with a brief application form and after verifying your bank account, the loan can be granted in minutes. To save time, you don’t have to move anywhere; You can ask for the loan without leaving your home or even from the office.

Fill out your application easily and quickly on the Lite lender website and send it. You will not wait more than a few minutes: this is the maximum time the system needs to process your data. If the system made a positive decision, you will instantly get a loan in your online bank account, being able to use the money for any purpose .

Who apply for loans?

Who apply for loans

According to the study ‘Why users have chosen mini-credits in 2016’ , created with real data on annual loan applications, 18% of the loans were requested from the community, where 22% of total loans were requested.

Continuing with the profile of the person requesting these loans, it is revealed in the study that 54% are men between the ages of 30 and 39, without children and with work . Of this majority, what users value most is the comfort, simplicity and immediacy of being able to apply for the loan online. And it is that this type of process only requires a connection with any device, be it a mobile, a tablet or a computer, and a few minutes to complete it all.

How to get a loan

How to get a loan

Prepare the minimum necessary, which we indicate here:

  • Scan your ID or NIE
  • Prepare your bank account number you own and your online credentials
  • Keep your mobile phone handy
  • Have access to your email

As you can see, this list is much shorter than those usually required in most banks, which means you don’t have to spend much time preparing.

Pay your loan: as easy as getting it

Pay your loan: as easy as getting it

Making the loan payment is as easy as receiving it at Lite lender. There are several ways to repay the loan :

  • Through the user area on our website (My Account button).
  • By bank transfer to account.

You are the one who chooses the payment method that best suits you . You just have to keep in mind that the payment must be made in a maximum of 30 days . If in this period you have not had time to collect the money from the repayment, there is also the option to extend.