Love and Thunder Images Show Thor’s Transformation and Jane’s Armor

The closer we get to the theatrical release for Thor: Love and Thunder the most exciting new insights we are fed. Recently, fans got access to some glamorous new 80s covers for Total moviefrom the upcoming July issue, and today we can look behind the cover with three exclusive new images from the film. Fans already know to expect the return of the god Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Natalie Portman‘s Mighty Thor, and a pantheon of gods to come, now we just need all the insights we can get please!

Maniac serial god killer Gorr the Butcher God (Christian Bale) is exactly what the mcu needed to lure Thor out of retirement after the world-shattering events Avengers: Infinity War and End of Game. Images of everyone’s favorite God of Thunder, Jodie – sorry, Jane – Foster (is she now our favorite God of Thunder?) and a few Guardians from Total Film’s July issue give us a little taste of the film without giving too much away. . Not too long ago, Marvel released a brief new trailer that said a lot: Thor assembles a new team – the “greatest team ever” – to defeat Gorr, and that says a lot coming from one of the previous avengers after traveling the galaxy with the guardians of the galaxy. Thor and Mighty Thor will be joined by Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) and Korg (Taika Waititi), as well as the Guardians.


One of the new images shows almost all of Portman’s armor as Mighty Thor. Fans can see the gauntlets, intricate breastplate, and thick cape, as well as Jane Foster casually holding the reforged divine weapon of destruction, Mjolnir, as if it weren’t hurting Thor’s pride. From the looks of the photo, Jane, who looks a lot like the mighty goddess, is having some sort of serious discussion, perhaps regarding the assembly of new warriors tasked with saving the gods.

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In love and thunder we know that Thor is introspective and that process led him, in a montage to Guns N’ Roses “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, to its former divine glory. In the last set of photos, we see Thor is under a tree talking to Mantis (Pom Klementieff) and Star Lord (Chris Pratt), the topped, capped version we’ve already seen traveling with the Guardians. He was the one who wanted to lay down Stormbreaker and use his battle-worn hands for peace. In the third photo posted our Viking space is relaxing, posed nonchalantly with a drink in a tank top. The Thor we all know, with his flowing hair and hammer-wielding muscles, is back and he’s ready to take up arms against Gorr.

Thor: Love and Thunderdirected by Waititi, will be released in theaters on July 8. The July issue of Total Film is available for pre-order and goes on sale June 23. In the meantime, take a look at the images below:

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