Marvel’s failed TV show may have debuted the MCU’s most powerful superhero costume


Marvel’s New Warriors were never picked up, but the series could have featured a particularly powerful Marvel hero had it been.

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continued to find a way to mix television and film, one of its ideas was a TV show based on little-known heroes known as New warriors. Unfortunately, even after the project finished filming its pilot episode, the outlet was unplugged. Among the characters appearing was fan favorite hero Squirrel Girl. However, if the series had aired, even more powerful heroes could have appeared later: namely Darkhawk.

Darkhawk was a vigilante introduced in the 1991s Dark hawk # 1. He had armor that was activated by an amulet and gave him incredible abilities. Being a casual member of the New Warriors, his appearance could have had a significant impact on the series and the MCU as a whole.

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What are the origins of Darkhawk?

Darkhawk’s real name is Christopher Powell, and he grew up the son of a district attorney and a police officer. As justice played an important role in his childhood, Chris was never a troublemaker. But one day his world changed forever when he and his brother decided to visit an abandoned amusement park. There he saw his father accept a bribe from the local mafia boss and was forced to flee. While running, he came across an amulet which, when activated, gave him armor. As Darkhawk, he has vowed to use his new costume as a means to stop crime in his neighborhood.

Over the years, he’s teamed up with heroes like Spider-Man and the New Warriors and befriended another vigilante named Speedball. But his fate eventually took him to space, as his amulet was actually an ancient cosmic artifact linked to an elite group of warriors known as the Brotherhood of Raptors. Now the character exists freely as a hero of space and Earth.

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What are the powers of Darkhawk?

As a Darkhawk, Chris enjoys enhanced protection against his armor and strength that allows him to carry over 25 tons. It can also fly thanks to the razor-sharp wings it uses in combat. Chris is a skilled master in Kendo and Karate and also controls an Android Darkhawk. While controlling the android, Chris’s abilities expand even further, allowing him to create force fields and weapons and enhance his previously established abilities. Ultimately, the android makes Chris even more powerful than when he was wearing the armor.

Could Darkhawk still appear in the MCU?

While New warriors would have been a great opportunity for Darkhawk to appear in the MCU, the character still has the option of appearing in another project. The armor has appeared as a villain of the Nova Corps in the past, which means these events could also occur with the armor attacking the Nova Corps before it reaches Chris. There is also the option for the character to receive their own show before or after attacking the body. Since his story begins as a vigilante, the character doesn’t necessarily need the New Warriors to appear. In fact, with the proper focus on his character, individually or in some other cosmic project, Darkhawk could finally take flight in the MCU.

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