Mauritius: The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics have demonstrated the unifying power of sport, says the Vice-President

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The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics are a testament to the world’s trust in the People’s Republic of China and demonstrated the unifying power of sport. Thanks to the Games, people have been united into one Olympic family, regardless of their nationalities, ethnic origins and cultural backgrounds. Their understanding deepened and their friendship renewed.

This was the essence of the message of the Vice-President of the Republic of Mauritius, Mr. Marie Cyril Eddy Boissezon, during the closing ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics organized by the New China Foundation, in Port Louis. His message was delivered by the president of the New China Foundation, Mr. Jean Paul Lam.

the Parliamentary Private Secretaries (PPS), Mr. Ismaël Rawoo and Mr. Rajanah Dhaliah; Deputies (MP), Ms. Sandra Mayotte and Mr. Fabrice David; the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of China to the Republic of Mauritius, Mr. Liying Zhu; and other personalities were present for the occasion.

Lam said the vice president congratulated the Chinese authorities for the smooth running of the Games despite the COVID-19 pandemic which continues to hover over the athletes, condemning them to behind closed doors, masks and untimely PCR tests. “The last 16 days have seen superb sporting performance and sportsmanship with athletes from no less than 90 countries competing in the Games with Olympic spirit,” he said.

For her part, Ms. Mayotte hailed the commitment and efforts of the Chinese government for the quality of the organization of the Games and the various competitions, as well as for the spirit of fair play and brotherhood that reigned there. The athletes, she pointed out, showed great perseverance and gave their best in an environment of fair play, achieving incredible results.

As for Mr. David, he recalled that the People’s Republic of China and Africa organized a China-Africa Young Leaders Forum in November 2021 with the aim of strengthening ties between African countries and China, at which several parliamentarians Mauritians including himself participated. This international summit is part of the excellent relations of political cooperation between China and the African continent and has enabled both Mauritius and China to advance cooperation, particularly with regard to young people in politics. he declared.

For their part, Mr. Rawoo and Mr. Dhaliah both said that China and Mauritius have a long history of friendship and pointed out that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, bilateral relations have always progressed steadily. , approaching 50 years of relationship. Mr. Rawoo thanked China for its long-term aid and support for the development of Mauritius, and more recently for helping the country acquire vaccines against COVID-19.

As for Mr. Zhu, he underlined that even if Mauritius could not participate in the Beijing Games 2022, China attaches great importance to Sino-Mauritian relations and will continue to support the Mauritian sports culture.

Talking about Mauritian water sports, he pointed out that Mauritian sportsmen are welcome in China in order to gain more experience in these disciplines. “Traditionally, China and Mauritius have excellent cooperation in this area and the Côte d’Or National Sports Complex is testimony to this,” he added.

Regarding bilateral relations, Ambassador Zhu pointed out that preparations are underway for the post-COVID era. Ambitious programs aimed at reviving sports exchanges between Mauritius and China must be prepared as well as green development and environmental protection which are also part of our cooperation, he concluded.

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