Mobile games with less aggressive microtransactions than Diablo Immortal

The Diablo the series has been revived over the past two years with the release of the remastered Diablo 2: Risen, the launch of Diablo Immortaland the next main installment to come Diablo 4. Whereas Diablo 2: Risen and Diablo 4 follow the franchise’s more familiar dungeon crawling action RPG formula with limited multiplayer elements, Diablo Immortal presented something a little different. Blizzard released the free-to-play MMORPG in June this year, and since then it’s been at the center of a number of controversies.


Fans weren’t too happy with the game for several reasons, but chief among them was the aggressive presence of microtransactions that unfairly balanced the game and created a pay-to-win scenario that didn’t sit too well with players. Diablo Immortal It may still have its fans, but it has failed to shake its bad reputation since its launch. It joins a long list of mobile games with similar setups, but there are plenty of other titles that also have much less aggressive microtransactions.

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The Diablo Immortal Controversy

Blizzard didn’t have the best start when it came to Diablo Immortal. When it was first announced at BlizzCon in 2018, fans were disappointed that the upcoming Diablo the game was not going to be a PC-focused title that conveyed the overarching story. Fans were appeased when Diablo 4 was confirmed to be in development the following year, but the damage was already done. Besides the inauspicious start of the mobile game, Diablo Immortal has also been criticized for its pervasive use of microtransactions.

Microtransactions are nothing new, and while they’re becoming increasingly common in games looking to add new post-launch content or for titles trying to find ways to capitalize on their releases, they can rub a lot of people the wrong way. Having things like cosmetic items that players can buy is the most innocuous version of this, as they’re completely optional and don’t affect gameplay or give players purchasable perks. However, when they’re disguised as options in free games, but are actually part and parcel of good progression, that’s when players get upset.

Diablo ImmortalThe monetization of has been seen by some as very predatory. While players expected microtransactions in Diablo Immortal, it wasn’t clear until they were actually able to play the game how much it would cost. Too many aspects of the game were locked behind unexpected paywalls, and there is an almost constant push in the game for players to spend money. Diablo Immortal is an example of how not to do mobile microtransactions, but some games have handled it a bit better.

Pokemon GO

Capitalizing on the popularity of the global phenomenon, Pokemon Go brought the iconic creatures to mobile with an augmented reality game. Players could find, capture, train, and battle with various Pokémon they encountered across the world. It became an instant hit, encouraging many to go out and try to collect them all. Although the game was free, there were in-app purchases such as Poke Balls, Incense, and Bag Upgrades. However, many of these items could be obtained by leveling up rather than relying solely on purchasing with real-world currencies.

EVE Echoes

Another mobile version of an established franchise, EVE Echoes is the mobile spin-off of the persistent global sci-fi MMORPG EVE online. EVE Echoes offers the same space experience as its counterpart, with players able to build their own star-studded adventures. They can engage in dogfights, join factions, explore the galaxy, and use EVE Echoes‘ unique playstyles and systems. There are in-app purchases, but these are very optional and do not represent a pay-to-win structure.

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Bloons TD 6

Released in 2018, Bloons TD 6 is the sixth entry in Ninja Kiwi’s tower defense series. Building on the format of previous games in the franchise, Bloons TD 6 allows players to create their defenses using a variety of monkeys, structures, and traps as they progress through the thirty-seven levels and multitude of modes. Players can earn in-game currency by completing challenges and participating in weekly events to purchase upgrades, additional features, and cosmetics. Although there are bonuses and other purchasable items, they are not necessary for progression and the game can be easily played and beaten without these additional benefits.

minecraft pocket edition

Mojang Sandbox Title Minecraft became a gaming sensation after its release in 2011. The mobile version, minecraft pocket edition, was released shortly thereafter and is a complete port of the original game although not all of the features of the original PC or console versions are present. There are a few in-app purchases, but these mostly include skins and other cosmetics and don’t fundamentally change gameplay. It’s a stark contrast to games like Diablo Immortal where microtransactions are an essential part of their framework.

Shadowgun Legends

Madfinger Games’ Shadowgun Legends is an FPS and the third main part of the Shadowgun series. With a combination of RPG and MMO elements, Shadowgun Legends has a variety of PvP and PvE quests and modes for players to engage in. Although it is difficult for mobile shooters to compete with console versions, Shadowgun Legends presents a pretty solid gaming experience. There may be quite a few ads and prompts to spend money, but players can still access a good amount of loot without paying any money.

Cytus 2

Although there are many rhythm games on mobile, Cytus 2 is one of the best. Its aesthetic will appeal to anime fans and its simple yet entertaining gameplay will appeal to musically minded gamers. There is a wide range of maps to suit players of all skill levels, so Cytus 2 can be as difficult or as simple as they wish. Featuring songs from a global list of musicians, players can access a number of tracks through the base game or purchase new ones in-game. While this greatly expands the music offering, microtransactions only offer no material benefits and are purely for additional content.

Diablo Immortal is available on Mobile and PC.

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