New Halo Infinite trailers feature the open-world campaign, a new Cortana, and the threat of the Outcast


With about a month and a half until the premiere of Infinite halo, 343 Inudstries posted a preview of the New Open World campaign designed for the latest Halo as well as a trailer teasing the brute force threat of the Outcast. Watch the trailers below…

Infinite halo Originally slated for release last year, but with the issues created by the ongoing pandemic and development issues, the game has been pushed back to this year. Infinite halo is the third chapter of what 343 calls The Reclaimer Saga after Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians, this latest game detailing Cortana going rogue with Forerunner tech to institute a galactic AI uprising for energetic peace. Infinite halo will see Master Chief joined by a new version of Cortana named “The Weapon” as they search for Zeta Halo to find out what happened to Cortana.

The campaign preview teases the game’s story, new enemy types, and side missions for players. With Infinite halo Being an open world, players can explore Zeta Halo and expand territory by destroying Banished Outposts and Command Centers using The Weapon and connecting with trapped UNSC forces.

Meanwhile, the Banished also got their own trailer as their threat to Master Chief and Zeta Halo was teased even more. The Banished are a Brute mercenary force that left the Alliance before the end of the War between Man and the Alliance and was introduced into the real-time strategy game. Halo Wars 2.

When all hope is lost and the fate of humanity is on the line, the Master Chief is ready to face the most ruthless foe he has ever encountered. Start over and step into the armor of mankind’s greatest hero for an epic adventure and finally explore the ladder of the Halo Ring itself.

Halo Infinite will be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and PC on December 8.

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