Overreacting to Will Brennan’s first games with the Cleveland Guardians

Promotion Will Brennan was a long overdue roster change and we finally see what the outfielder has at the Big League level.

Brennan played just 18 innings of Big League baseball, but why not talk about overreacting after his impressive first two games?

1. Will Brennan the hitting machine

After just two games into her Big League career, Brennan is already becoming a hitting machine. He already has a .375 batting average (three hits) and he’s giving them some hard hits as well.

His single in the first inning was a rocket base hit that had an exit speed of 103.3 miles per hour.

Brennan also put up great batsmen before those hits and is confident and patient in the box. Two traits that are fun to see in a young hitter.

2. Is the defense more impressive than the attack?

Everyone was excited to see how Brennan would perform offensively and rightly so. But Brennan was just as impressive defensively.

The first batter he faced as a Major League outfielder hit a fly ball into right field. Brennan followed the ball beautifully and made a sliding catch close to the wall.

Will grew up as a central defender, so he has a defensive background. The Guardians could legitimately have the best defensive field with him, Steven Kwan and Myles Straw roaming.

3. Perfect fit within the range

Brennan has finished seventh in the two games he has started so far. It fits perfectly into this range and the argument can be made that it should already be moved in order.

As a southpaw, he could be seeded second, fourth, or fifth in the lineup, which would help give guys like Jose Ramirez and Josh Naylor some protection in the range.

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Again, these are just overreactions. It’s still very, very early in Brennan’s career, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be excited about him.


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