POTD: an icon well after its time

Welcome to today’s pic of the day! Here we have an iconic shotgun that gained popularity and history long after its time. I am of course talking about the Franch SPAS 12 shotgun. The SPAS 12 is an Italian 12 gauge shotgun manufactured by Franchi and marketed as the automatic sport shotgun. It was actually clever marketing to make the weapon more attractive to the sporting community as a whole, outside of the military and law enforcement market. The SPAS 12 was unique in that it could switch between semi-automatic and pump action with the flick of a switch. This is attractive because semi-automatic shotguns generally do not work with light loads and the option for police forces to use something light like non-lethal and heavier cartridges like buckshot is a welcome thing. . SPAS 12 circulated lightly in the United States, but was interrupted by the ban on assault weapons. Nowadays, he lives in infamy in almost every FPS video game and several action movies.

“Introduced in Italy in 1979 with a double action, semi-automatic and pump mechanism. Blade front sight and rear scope with full length magazine tube, stamped heat shield, standard frame markings, ribbed forearm, plastic pistol grip and collapsible metal stock with swivel forearm hook. Threaded for external choke tubes with a thread guard.

Lot 790: Franchi Spas-12 Semi-Automatic / Slide Rifle. (nd). Rock Island Auction Company. photograph. Retrieved January 5, 2022, from https://www.rockislandauction.com/detail/66/790/franchi-spas12-semiautomaticslide-action-shotgun.

spas 12

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