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Mobile security is one of the essential things that you should keep in mind when buying a new Android phone or tablet, or even when you have older gadgets with you. Adding layers and layers of security won’t hurt; on the contrary, it can be very beneficial to you. Among the number of antivirus and mobile security apps that you can find in the Google Play Store, one will certainly impress you with its ease of use. This app is Antivirus & Mobile Security from TrustGo Mobile Incorporated.

Antivirus & Mobile Security protects your Android device from all malware and harmful viruses and lets you be aware of apps which have suspicious permissions which may compromise your personal data, identity and privacy. This app does all of that and a few more that will keep your device safe.

Whether you are just reading eBooks, playing games, or browsing the Internet, Antivirus & Mobile Security keeps your device free and safe from anything that can cause serious damage. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you can create an account with TrustGo. This will allow you to more easily access your stored data backups. The app has five main security features: security scanner, secure web browsing, privacy protection, data backup, and device protection.

Security Scanner scans all applications installed on your device and selects risky applications. The risks are categorized as low, medium, or high which gives you the idea that these apps are risky to some extent. It’s up to you to ignore the potential risk that an app may present or you can uninstall it.

Another plus is the app search feature built into the app which allows you to find and install an app from the Google Play Store. A “Certified” mark means the app is safe to download and when you tap on it, it will direct you to the app’s Google Play Store page so you can install it on your device.

Navigation is also made safer with this app. Just activate the feature and it will block websites known to have security threats, ridding your device of malware and viruses that may come from a suspicious website. App permissions are also scrutinized by this app, ensuring that the apps you have installed on your device do not have unreasonable and harmful permissions that may steal your personal data and identity. App permissions are categorized in the Privacy Guard feature where you will have a better view of what permissions apps have acquired and whether they acquire more than they need from your device.

Antivirus & Mobile Security has some notable features like device protection feature where you can prevent loss of your personal data through the use of tracking features. If, for example, your device is stolen, you can protect your personal data by remotely wiping phone data, locking your phone, and setting an alarm remotely. If your locked phone experiences 3 failed password attempts, the app will use its candid camera feature which activates the front camera to silently take a photo of the person who attempted to hack your phone. An email notifying you that someone is trying to unlock your phone will then be sent along with a snapshot of the person and a map showing the possible location of the phone.

You can also locate the location of your phone by going to the official TrustGo website and signing in using your account. The account that you initially created is a very important part in helping you find your stolen device, as this is where you can wipe your data and set the phone lock remotely.

The app allows you to perform scheduled scans and data backups if you are too busy to manually perform one of the two functions. Data backups are uploaded to the TrustGo website where you can store and restore backups of your contacts, SMS and call history. A System Manager feature is also included in this app where you can configure your data limit if you are using a mobile data connection and kill running tasks to free up memory.

With Antivirus & Mobile Security, the hassle of losing and recovering your Android device can be cut in half. Once this app is installed on your device, worrying about your personal data being accessible will be a thing of the past. This awesome app is absolutely free and has no annoying ads. Go now to the Google Play Store, download TrustGo’s Antivirus and mobile security app and make your Android device even more secure. If you want to see an updated list of the best antivirus apps for Android, click here.

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