Reese’s Sold Out Peanut Butter Cup Thanksgiving Pies Appear On eBay With A High Price Tag, Remember It’s Yourself Season

We’re not sure why Reese’s geniuses didn’t think about it sooner, but you might have recently heard of the Peanut Butter Cup Thanksgiving Pie debut. That’s a 9 inch, 3.25 pound cup of solid peanut butter. Basically, think of a deep pizza, but made from this combination of crumbly peanut butter and smooth chocolate. Heaven in your mouth, right?

“When you get friends and family together for Thanksgiving dinner, no table is complete without dessert,” Bo Jones, Reese’s senior associate brand manager, said of the holiday sweet offering. “At Reese’s, we wanted to create a dessert that everyone wants a piece of. You can thank us later.

Three thousand of these beauties went on sale for $ 44.99 – and sold out within hours.

But don’t go cry in your boring old pumpkin pie just yet – there’s still one more option to grab one of these mouth-watering masterpieces – eBay. Yes, the online auction site has seen a lot of posts popping up where people resell their pies intact for prices ranging from $ 154 to $ 449 and up. You had better place your bid soon, as the competition intensifies.

“Let’s face it, homemade pies are great, but a giant Reese peanut butter cup is better… The holidays are stressful, but winning Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be,” Jones said. Well, this is all starting to feel a little stressful to us, but we’re not averse to taking a loan to get one of those pies on our holiday table. We can’t even promise to share.

Cover photo: Reese’s


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