Roblox sides with Apple in App Store battle against Epic Games

It would appear that large swaths of the developer community strongly support Epic Games in its battle for a fairer and more open App Store. But not Roblox, which believes Apple’s tight controls improve safety and security.

The online gaming platform, which calls itself a metaverse company and has nearly 55 million daily active users, said in a legal filing this week that the App Store review process adds “an added great legitimacy in the eyes of users”.

Roblox supports Apple in the fight against Epic

Apple has been embroiled in a legal battle with Epic Games since August 2020, shortly after the company banned all Epic titles, including the hit Battle Royale game. fortnite — from the App Store for breaking its rules.

Since then, Apple has come under increasing criticism over its App Store policies — and increased scrutiny from developers, lawmakers and antitrust investigators. But, according to Roblox, the App Store is fine the way it is.

App Store ‘improves safety and security’

“The review and approval process for apps available on Apple’s App Store improves safety and security and gives those apps greater legitimacy in the eyes of users,” Roblox said in a filing Thursday. Reuters reports.

This won’t sit well with Epic, which has previously argued that Apple is giving Roblox a free pass for its app. The platform, which offers access to countless different games, appears to be immune to rules that prevent other gaming portals, such as Xbox Game Pass, from gaining App Store approval. .

Roblox played a key role in the original Apple vs. Epic trial last year, Reuters reports. The result was overwhelmingly in favor of Apple, but it was decided that Apple should allow third-party developers to use their own payment systems.

Apple and Epic have appealed the decisions.

Apple vs. Epic drags on

Apple, like Roblox, is adamant that its strict App Store policies are necessary to ensure the security and privacy that iPhone and iPad users expect from the company’s products and services.

On Thursday, two former CIA directors and 21 former US national security officials also came out in favor of Apple.

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