Sayang Heulang Beach, Garut’s Icon of Beauty on the Shores

Garut, West Java (ANTARA) – Sayang Heulang beach in Pameungpeuk sub-district is another glory of Garut district in West Java apart from its culinary delicacy, dodol or Cipanas hot spring at the foot from Mount Guntur.

The beach adds to the range of tourist attractions in Garut. Recently, the West Java government has beautified Sayang Heulang Beach, turning it into something much more enchanting, with related expenditure amounting to Rs 14 billion.

The beach is located south of Garut, about 80 km from its metropolitan area. It takes about three hours to get there with four-wheeled vehicles.

The road to the beach is decent and the lane is wide enough for two four-wheelers to pass. Throughout the journey, one would be greeted by panoramic views of mountains, hills, gardens and forests. Crossing Garut’s southern lane left a lasting good impression.

The route would subsequently merge with the western West Java route. Not far from this area, Sayang Heulang Beach area could be reached.

In terms of administrative area, the beach has been included in the area of ​​Mancagahar village in Pameungpeuk sub-district, which has been designated as a tourist destination by the Garut Culture and Tourism Board.

The region had existed for a long time. There was a neighborhood along the banks. The locals live as fishermen and vendors, with some even establishing inns to accommodate tourists visiting the area.

Sayang Heulang Beach was one of the known beaches in Garut apart from other beaches, such as Santolo, Rancabuaya and Cijeruk.

The provincial government has given special attention to the beach and showered it with great care giving it a makeover. It once had minimal facilities, some of which have even been damaged.

Now he has changed dramatically. It was more comfortable and impressive, and it was as interesting as any other beach in Indonesia.

Irwan, a local tourist, reiterated that thought. It was believed that the change would make Sayang Heulang Beach a top tourist spot.

“The tourist object of Sayang Heulang now is so different from its previous condition. It is organized much more orderly and there are additional places,” he said.

The beach was chaired by Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil on Sunday, February 2022. According to the Garut Culture and Tourism Board, the visitation rate had increased and visitors came from various regions.

Sayang Heulang Beach’s new look has piqued the curiosity of many, especially after the governor promoted it on his social media platform. Moreover, the mass media publicized it by spreading the news.

Irwan said he visited the place out of curiosity, as he saw many people posting details about the beach.

Irwan, who visited with his family, had wanted to see for themselves, and it was true that it was much better.

“It is much more interesting now, better, and I hope this condition will be maintained. And above all, solve the waste problem,” he remarked.

Sayang Heulang Icon

Currently, Sayang Heulang Beach has several safe and comfortable facilities, including pedestrian facilities along the beach, which were offered free of charge.

Other facilities were the bridge, tower, food court and lookouts facing the Indian Ocean. The sunset over the beach was particularly spectacular.

One particular place that caught the attention of many people and became the icon of the tourist destination was the Eagle Wings monument. It was built in accordance with the name of the beach, Sayang Heulang, which means “place of an eagle” in Sundanese.

Visitors can enjoy the view of the beach by paying only Rp 10,000 per person. The price was fixed by the regional payment or tax regulations.

Tourists could enjoy the view of the beach, swim in the waters and admire the corals. They could also rent a house, a villa or a room, all at affordable prices.

Garut Culture and Tourism Bureau Chief Budi Gan Gan said that since the official establishment of Sayang Heulang Beach, his administration has been actively promoting the newly upgraded Garut Beach.

The beach has attracted the interest of several visitors, as evidenced by the number of new spots and the extent of development initiated by the West Java government and the Garut district government.

“Sayang Heulang Beach was developed with funding of Rs 14 billion. Sayang Heulang Beach offers the beauty of its beach, coral mountains, and there is a very beautiful garden, and much more comfortable infrastructure (compared to the state before),” he said. declared.

Similarity to Pangandaran

After the construction of infrastructure in Sayang Heulang Beach, the regional government has also improved other support aspects such as human resources, starting with the cleaning service to entrepreneurs and tourism managers, so that they can manage tourism, just like in Pangandaran.

They were brought to the Pangandaran district to learn in person from the Pangandaran Beach tourism stakeholders. All along, they were credited with being successful in developing West Java Beach.

Gan expected the Sayang Heulang tourism stakeholders to get information after learning from their Pangandaran counterparts, so that they can use their new abilities to upkeep the beach as a top destination that leaves a lasting good impression on the minds of its visitors and eventually generates profits for the community.

He expressed interest in learning from Pangandaran district as it was considered successful in managing the tourism sector regarding aspects such as service, waste management, security, parking and culinary arts. .

All the efforts made by the Pangandaran district government will be implemented in Garut district in several tourism sectors, including coastal tourism, which has similarities with Pangandaran, he said.

Gan expects Sayang Heulang Beach and other seaside attractions along the Garut Coast to follow the example of Pangandaran, whose tourism sector is driving economic growth.

“Garut is different from Pangandaran, but Garut gets there, and so it’s better than Pangandaran,” he said.

Government efforts to boost the tourism sector must be supported by the community. Those directly involved in the tourism sector should also support and facilitate these efforts, for example by always instilling a sense of safety and comfort in visitors.

Everyone needs to address the issue of visitor inconvenience, such as illegal fees, hostile behavior and unsanitary environments.

The beach currently looked different, and everyone had to accept it, appreciate it, and take care of it. Sayang Heulang Beach, which is currently a top tourist attraction, is expected to boost the growth of the economy.

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