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Vanderbilt Commodores Preview 2022: Vanderbilt season preview, prediction and preview with what you need to know and season keys.

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Vanderbilt Commodores Overview
Head Coach: Clark Lea, 2-10, 2nd year at Vanderbilt
Preview 2021: Overall: 2-10, Conference: 0-8
Keys of the season
Prediction of the season, what will happen
Vanderbilt’s Top 10 Players | Vanderbilt timeline and analysis

Vanderbilt Commodores Preview 2022

So the first year under head coach Clark Lea was…difficult.

It was a 2-10 run that started with a blowout loss to East Tennessee State, came way too close to being 0-12 – no SEC team should have beaten 2021 UConn by less than 30; it was a 30-28 victory – and it was a tough watch from start to finish.

However, Léa can coach the defense – that’s how he made his reputation – and he can recruit.

The recruiting class of 2022 may not seem like much to most SEC teams, but it was a top 40 overall filled with a slew of high-potential players who should see the weather right away. This is where the improvement is about to happen – the talent level is better.

It’s not a totally impossible situation, but the SEC has become unfairly awesome, and now it’s up to Vanderbilt to find a niche.

It could be in defence, with a tough running game and with a team that will be physical on both sides of the ball.

Nothing massive will happen overnight, but the 2022 team will be better. It’s a beginning.

2022 Vanderbilt Commodores Preview: Infringement

The offense needs something they can count on.

It was a struggle to move the ball, score, everything – he scored 17 points or less six times and only scored over 24 twice. The offense averaged just 313 yards and 16 points per game, with nothing happening on the field.

There is experience, and it starts with an offensive front that must generate a better push. It wasn’t bad in pass protection, and there were moments for the ground attack.

The best tackle in the field – left tackle Tyler Steen – has gone to Alabama, but North Texas’ Jacob Brammer will help, and three starters are back starting with veteran center Julian Hernandez.

The backs are fine. Re’Mahn Davis was awesome as a freshman at Temple, but he missed time in 2020 and only played three games last year. When he’s right, he’s a potential difference maker to go along with the best rusher of 2021, Rocko Griffin.

Can the offense settle on a stable quarterback? Mike Wright led the team with eight touchdown passes, Ken Seals led the way with 1,181 yards and now both are back. Seals is not very moving and Wright can run, but the first will probably start.

The receiving corps gets second main receiver Will Sheppard – he was one of the top downside threats – but Cam Johnson is gone to Arizona State and main target Chris Pierce is over. The recruiting class will play a huge role – or so it is hoped.

Vanderbilt Commodores Preview 2022: Defense

The defense put up a good fight.

It was the worst D in the SEC in points and total yards allowed, but it wasn’t terrible on third down, it didn’t break enough to be totally destroyed in every game, and it had a decent pass rush.

Georgia rolled at will, Florida did what they wanted, and Mississippi State threw for a million yards, but the stats don’t tell the whole story – offense didn’t help the other side .

They’re an experienced group returning – helped by a few transfers – but the depth is very, very, very young. There will be growing pains, but this D should be stronger.

The Commodores have a playmaker in Anfernee Orji, who led the team in tackles and tackles for the loss, and coming to help in the middle is Clemson’s Kane Patterson to go along with second tackle Ethan Barr.

Barr is tied for the team lead with three picks, and now the secondary needs to do a lot more. Maxwell Worship is a solid safety, and Jeremy Lucien is coming from UConn to take over one of the starting corner positions. This group can hit, but they need to break up more passes.

Even with DT Raashaan Wilkins heading to Illinois, the line should be a strength if the starting lineup can stay healthy. Nate Clifton and Malik Langham are big bodies, but they need to get into the backfield more.

Keys of the season
Prediction of the season, what will happen
Vanderbilt’s Top 10 Players | Vanderbilt timeline and analysis

Vanderbilt Commodores: Season keys, best play, best transfer, fun stats NEXT

Vanderbilt Commodores: Season keys, best play, best transfer, fun stats

Vanderbilt Commodores: Key to the offense of 2022

Run the ball well enough to matter.

The Commodores were awful at constantly getting the passing game on the field, and nothing was happening on a regular basis. However, there were times, even in defeats, when the attack could hammer.

Despite all the issues and problems, Vanderbilt went over 200 yards on three occasions and managed to lose the best here and there in other games – but it just didn’t happen enough.

Get over four yards per carry – the team ran for 3.5 – score in the red zone when there are chances and exceed 150 yards per game on the ground. The O must control the plays from time to time.

Vanderbilt Commodores: Key to Defense 2022

Take the ball even further.

No, the offense didn’t give the defense much work, but the flip side was also true. The D didn’t give the O many breaks either, with takeaways and shorter fields.

The defense had a stretch when forcing turnovers. Midway through the season, he came with ten takeaways in four games, but those were the only four times he had multiple turnovers.

There have only been three fumble recoveries, and two came in the 21-20 loss to South Carolina, and the third didn’t come until the regular season finale.

Vanderbilt hasn’t lost the turnover battle very often, but he’s only done it once, and that was against the Gamecocks. It should be on the positive side more often than not.

Vanderbilt Commodores: Key player of the 2022 season

QB Ken Seals, Jr.
Or Mike Wright, or freshman AJ Swann. It wasn’t really the quarterbacks’ fault that the offense hadn’t moved, but the play certainly wasn’t strong enough to make a difference.

Nobody’s asking for Bryce Young, but Seals need to hit more down passes, Wright need to be a little more accurate overall, and they both need to limit interceptions. To be fair, they had to push, but whoever owns the job, the production has to be there.

Vanderbilt Commodores: Key Transfer

OT Jacob Brammer, Sr.
There, a Vanderbilt shot offers a strong line that turns into a positive as the season progresses. There’s experience and spots need to be secured, but someone has replaced Tyler Steen, Alabama’s new starting left tackle.

Gunnar Hansen might be ready to take over, but it would be a big help if the 6-foot-4, 301-pound Brammer becomes an instant answer for a top-five spot. The former North Texas leading tackle was a two-time All-Conference USA right tackle.

Vanderbilt’s key game for the 2022 season

in Hawaii on August 27
It’s a business trip, but going to Hawaii isn’t a bad thing no matter what. This should be an easy win for the SEC team, right?

East Tennessee State 23, Vanderbilt 3 — that was the 2021 season opener.

Vanderbilt has lost its last three openers, two wins over Middle Tennessee and one over Miami University were the only fun the team has had to start a season against an FBS team since 2005.

Win this, and with Elon to follow, there’s a chance to start 2-0 to tie the 2021 win tally by the evening of September 3.

Vanderbilt Commodores: Fun Stats 2021

– Score of the 1st quarter: Opponents 134 – Vanderbilt 29
– Sacks: Opponents 27 for 171 yards – Vanderbilt 9 for 73 yards
– Penalties: Opponents 91 for 803 yards – Vanderbilt 66 for 508 yards

Attack, defense distribution
Prediction of the season, what will happen
Vanderbilt’s Top 10 Players | Vanderbilt timeline and analysis

Vanderbilt Commodores Season Prediction, What Happens Next

Vanderbilt Commodores Season Prediction, What Will Happen

The team will be a little better, the attack a little more consistent, and overall the competitiveness will be there in more games.

The Commodores only managed to beat Colorado State and UConn – and both games were close, and only one of the ten losses was by less than nine points.

There is a good mix of experienced newbies to form the base and plenty of good young recruits who will try to take jobs right away. It may not always be easy, but this is a team and it will be a season to put things in place in the near future.

Set the Vanderbilt Commodores regular season win total at… 3.5

Beating Hawaii on the road and defeating Elon is a must – there might not be much fun after that.

It would be nice to have a total non-conference game against an FBS team, but the dates against Wake Forest and Northern Illinois are both tough.

Anyone from SEC West would be a tough match, but in Alabama and Ole Miss – forget it.

However, there is a chance to beat Northern Illinois, and the program is FAR overdue for an upset against an SEC team for the first time since losing Missouri in mid-2019.

Four wins would be a solid next step for the season. Anything more than that would be phenomenal.

Attack, defense distribution | Keys of the season
Vanderbilt’s Top 10 Players | Vanderbilt timeline and analysis

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