Tencent Cloud EdgeOne to provide integrated security protection

Along with the rapid development of business digitization, new advanced computing scenarios and applications have now started to emerge in various industries. Building on more than 20 years of experience in technology solutions, Tencent Cloud announced the launch of Tencent Cloud EdgeOne – an upgraded single platform that integrates Tencent’s experience in network performance and security with high efficiency and stability for global business.

In 2021, in view of the unprecedented rise of short-form video and live broadcast businesses around the world, Tencent Cloud launched the RT-ONE™1 network to build the foundation of the most comprehensive audio and video communication network. to meet market needs. To further improve the cybersecurity of enterprise customers, Tencent Cloud has applied its security technology to the RT-ONE™ network by introducing an upgraded and highly integrated single platform. The new platform offers industry-leading security capabilities, creating integrated services to meet enterprise requirements for network speed and security features.

Leveraging Tencent Cloud’s 2,800+ global acceleration nodes in over 70 countries and regions, Tencent Cloud EdgeOne enables users to enjoy high-quality network performance without compromising their security. It also has the following advantages:

– Brings edge node services closer to end users and provides Layer 3 (network), Layer 4 (transport), Layer 7 (application) protection as well as acceleration services to the global market. It also highlights a unified dashboard that significantly reduces configuration workload and saves customers time.

– Provides a set of dedicated interconnects to accelerate traffic between Tencent Cloud EdgeOne and Origin Server. In addition, it integrates the Domain Name System (DNS), which ensures stable and high-performance DNS resolution, and significantly reduces latency for static and dynamic data.

– Integrates security features and technologies based on Tencent’s experience in security for more than two decades, including but not limited to DDoS protection (Anti-DDoS), Web protection (Web Application Firewall), bot management and behavior analysis (Tencent Cloud bot program management), and adaptive rate limiting, among others. It deploys security features on edge nodes closer to users, detecting and mitigating malicious requests before they reach the application server.ice cream.

Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President, Tencent Cloud International
With the emergence of technologies such as cloud computing, big data, AI, blockchain, Web3 and the Internet of Things, the digital transformation of businesses is now considered essential. Drawing on Tencent’s own operational experience in security, which serves 1 billion users, we are excited to see how Tencent Cloud EdgeOne provides users with an unprecedented, high-quality and extremely reliable network experience while protecting their safety at the same time.

Tommy Li, Vice President of Tencent Cloud
Tencent Cloud EdgeOne can be summed up by a one-word acronym: ACROSS. It represents advanced technology; Exclusive connectivity; Real-time service; Data optimization; Smart app; and security protection. Businesses adapting to the growing digitalization trend encounter common issues such as network latency, congestion, and security threats. By applying our sophisticated security technology to our RT-ONE™ network, the new Tencent Cloud EdgeOne platform delivers lower latency and built-in security features with exceptional performance, providing businesses and organizations with reliable services to meet to their concerns.

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