The best horror games for Xbox One

The horror genre in the game is unlike any other. While most genres fulfill powerful fantasies or allow us to have adventures and experiences we want but otherwise could never have, horror games almost take the opposite approach. More often than not, horror games put us in uncomfortable, starved, and disturbing situations where we fall prey to a greater force. This makes the genre very difficult to master. They have to give you correct enough tools to feel like you have a slim chance of succeeding, creature and monster designs that aren’t cliché or corny, and a story that makes you want to keep going even when you’re scared.

Halloween is a great time for horror including games, but that’s no reason to stop you from playing it at any other time of the year. The Xbox One has arguably the biggest library of quality horror titles to dive into with a solid lineup, and also thanks to previous-gen design and backwards compatibility. There are many different types of horror games out there, and each tries to scare you in different ways. If you’re looking for the best horror experiences you can get on Xbox One, this list has the ones that will give you nightmares.

As a side note, we’ll only list one game per franchise here to keep as much variety as possible.

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