The future of crypto is interoperability: MUSHE, BINANCE and ICON are leading

There is a less dramatic and insightful answer to why crypto experienced a to crush recalls that of 2020: it is an industry subject to constant fluctuations and cycles. What we’re seeing right now is a temporary dip before we see the trusty green cards on our computer screen again. Yes, no one knows for sure what the future holds, but the outgoing tide must come in.

Taking our knowledge of past projects and forecasts for emerging projects, however, we can assume that interoperability because the main feature of a project will indeed be the next big thing in crypto. Let’s dive into it.

MUSHE to the masses

A handful of projects put interoperability at the heart of their development, and MUSHE (XMU) deserves special attention. According to its Litepaper, the project aims to become not only the leading interoperable digital currency, but also a wallet of choice for beginners and aficionados alike. Bridging the experience gap.

If you have ever gained access to crypto, you have most likely encountered difficulties in trading, exchanging, depositing, or at the very least withdrawing cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Naturally, this is not an easy task for any newbie crypto user.

The MUCHE The project addresses these issues by providing a streamlined and interoperable platform where intuitive UX design meets a simple ecosystem that allows users to seamlessly engage in all of the aforementioned activities. Its native token (XMU), an interoperable multiverse token across fiat and metaverse markets, powers such a robust and integrated platform.

In doing so, the projects try to solve one of the main problems of the current crypto field: the limited division of the fiat and crypto space and the complexity of the tools provided by existing crypto and banking companies. Given that (XMU) presale will end on July 3, 2022, this project should be firmly on your radar.

Pointy looking BNB

Binance (BNB) rightly takes its place among the OGs within the interoperability cryptographic domain. BNB is the cryptocurrency used to power the BNB Chain ecosystem. As one of the most popular utility tokens in the world, you can trade BNB like any other cryptocurrency and use BNB in ​​various applications on different platforms.

For example, you can use BNB to pay for travel expenses and buy virtual gifts. According to Binance estimates, millions of BNB had been consumed by users for travel expenses, payment for goods, loans, rewards, creation of smart contracts and other transactions.

BNB is also considered relatively stable compared to other cryptos that have failed spectacularly. Following the latest crypto crash, BNB went from $300 to $200. During the same period, many cryptocurrencies, such as Terra, lost almost all of their value. The reign of the bear market will not last, so take the opportunity to buy the dip.

ICON is making a comeback

ICON is another example of a blockchain protocol building a hyperconnected future with BTP, an interoperability solution for the project’s platform.

(BTP) stands for Blockchain Transmission Protocol, which enables ICON’s cross-chain communication between smart contract-enabled blockchains. In other words, it enables complex cross-chain applications with smart contracts residing on two or more blockchain networks with little security sacrifice. As a result, users can easily move their assets between ICON, Binance Smart Chain, NEAR Protocol, and many more.

The token (ICX) is the currency that powers the ICON ecosystem. ICX has many use cases, including staking, network governance, collateralization on DeFi platforms, and other applications.

The price of ICX, mimicking all major cryptocurrencies, rose last month from $0.4 to $0.26. If interoperability is the next big thing in crypto, expect the price of ICX to far exceed the old mark.

What the future holds

Cross-chain interoperability looks like a logical move combining different protocols and cryptocurrencies at different levels of interactions between them. For the first time since the inception of blockchain and crypto technology, several projects have made interactions and transactions effortless. And for that, we are immensely grateful.

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