The Lord of the Rings TV Show Will Have Hobbits – But They’re Not Called Hobbits

The Lord of the Rings TV show, titled The Rings of Power, takes us back to the Second Age of Middle-earth. Tolkien noted that during this time – before the events of The Hobbit and the main Lord of the Rings trilogy – hobbits were hardly recognized by anyone. In fact, they had done nothing of note to impact the worlds of men, elves, and dwarves.

Some ringheads feared that hobbits might appear in Amazon’s new TV show, which would apparently be hard to justify with Tolkien’s work. However, a new article from Vanity Fair reveals that hobbits will appear in the series, but not as we know them.

“One of the very specific things the texts say is that the hobbits never did anything historic or remarkable before the Third Age,” said showrunner Patrick McKay. “But really, does it feel like Middle-earth if you don’t have hobbits or something like hobbits in it?”

Instead of Bagginses and Boffins, the series will feature harfoots, one of three races of hobbits, along with Stoors and Fallohides. Harfoots are the ancestors of Frodo and Bilbo, and they do not live in the Shire. The report details how McKay and co-showrunner JD Payne have built “a pastoral harfoot society that thrives on secrecy and evades detection so they can play out a sort of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead story.” [an absurdist play about two minor characters from Shakespeare’s Hamlet] on the fringes of the greatest quests.”

One story will see two harfoots, played by Megan Richards and Markella Kavenagh, encounter a mysterious lost man. There’s also a note of Sir Lenny Henry playing a houndstooth elder. And if you were worried that the harfoots didn’t get enough screen time, the showrunners pitched the series as 50 hours of television to Amazon executives. So, even with the show balancing 22 different stories, there’s still room for some wholesome, insane action.

Thanks to the Vanity Fair piece, there are plenty of new images from the Lord of the Rings TV show, showing characters in full gear, and even Galadriel in armor.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power arrives September 2, 2022 on Amazon Prime. In the meantime, stay busy by watching the best shows on Amazon Prime available right now.

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