The most disturbing things that happen in games

The Legend of Zelda has always been one of Nintendo’s boldest franchises, not just in terms of gameplay, but in terms of content. Many episodes of the series feature a darker and creepier tone than most other Nintendo properties. Even the most caricatural episodes of Zelda The series features things that would make a Mario game horrible.

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Over the years, The Legend of Zelda contained some pretty messed up stuff that threatens Link on his adventures to save Princess Zelda. However, these ten events throughout the history of the series are certainly among the most disturbing things to see in a children’s game. Read at your own caution.

ten ReDead’s Horrifying Gaze

ReDead as they appear in Wind Waker and Ocarina of Time

Many entries in The Legend of Zelda feature enemies that pop up from the ground at night, such as Stalfos or Stalkoblins. The idea that all of Hyrule is one big graveyard, containing countless skeletons waiting for nightfall to attack Link is chilling enough. However, those are the least of Link’s undead worries.

ReDead enemies first appeared in Ocarina of time for the Nintendo 64. These creatures became famous in the series for their petrifying gaze. If a Redead approaches Link, it will latch on to him like a koala and drain its health. The ReDeads that appear in The awakening of the wind for GameCube are somehow even scarier than that.


9 The Great Deku Tree Has Passed Away

The Great Deku Tree talks to Link in Ocarina of Time

The opening of Ocarina of time finds Link residing happily in Kokiri Forest, where the wise Great Deku Tree acts as a father figure. However, The Great Deku Tree is also the first dungeon in the game, as Link is tasked with ridding the tree of its Ganondorf curse. This curse is Queen Gohma, a parasite that hides inside the Kokiri Forest Protector.

Even after Gohma’s defeat, it’s too late. The Great Deku Tree entrusts wisdom to Link, before slowly withering away and dying. This shocking moment comes very early in Ocarina of time, setting the stage for a harrowing and dark journey for Link. However, the Great Deku Tree seems perfectly healthy in later installments.

8 Who is the happy mask seller?

Happy Mask Salesman Looks Angry Talking to Link in Majora's Mask

Ocarina of timethe following, The Legend of Zelda: Majora mask, is one of the most disturbing games in the franchise. One character, The Happy Mask Salesman, embodies the spooky tone of this entry. The salesman introduces himself to Link, asking him to retrieve Majora’s Mask stolen from Skull Kid, the game’s antagonist.

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Not much is known about The Happy Mask Salesman’s backstory. All the player knows is that he was ambushed by Skull Kid, who stole Majora’s mask and was corrupted by his power. What The Happy Mask Salesman was doing with a mask imbued with evil power, we don’t know. Players can only hope the seller’s motives were pure.

seven Butler Deku loses his son

The Deku Butler mourns his son in the end credits of Majora's Mask

The Happy Mask Salesman is far from the most disturbing part of Majora’s Mask. Another character Link encounters early in the game is the Deku Butler, who works for the Deku King. The Deku Butler mentions to Link through dialogue that his son, a Deku Scrub, has mysteriously disappeared.

Unfortunately, this mystery is revealed in an end credits scene after completing the game. The Deku Butler is seen grieving over a deformed Deku Scrub in the Lost Woods. This means that the Deku Butler’s son had his soul stolen by Skull Kid, who was then used to curse Link. This is a horrible and tragic moment for the Deku Butler.

6 The moon destroys the city clock

The moon falling over Clock Town in Majora's Mask

Those who grew up with Majora’s Mask probably had a huge fear of the Moon appearing in the game. The main concept of Majora’s Mask revolves around a three-day timer counting down to the destruction of Termina, a setting parallel to Hyrule. Termina’s destruction involves the frightening Moon falling from the sky.

If Link happens to allow the timer to run out without progressing through the game, a sequence is played depicting the destruction of the Moon. A strangely empty clock city is obliterated by the unchanging face of the Moon. This is a disturbing result, even for The Legend of Zeldawho is no stranger to bittersweet endings.

5 King Helmaroc kidnaps little girls

Aryl and the other kidnapped girls;  king Helmaroc at the abandoned fortress in Wind Waker

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker is perhaps one of the lightest entries in the series, though it does contain its fair share of odd occurrences. One occurs early in the game, when Link’s sister Aryll is kidnapped by the mysterious King Helmaroc, sending Link on his quest.

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At the Abandoned Fortress, Link encounters King Helmaroc as he rescues Aryll and several other kidnapped girls. However, this strange collection is not there for nothing; the bird is a servant of Ganondorf, trying to locate pointy-eared girls who might be Princess Zelda in disguise. Yet it is a very traumatic event for these girls.

4 The origin of the twili

A blank-eyed Link standing near Dark Link-like Intruder in Twilight Princess

Behind Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess is possible the second most disturbing title in the franchise. The game finds Link teaming up with a mysterious imp named Midna to rid Hyrule of the dark twilight that has overtaken him. Over the course of the game, Link learns bits of history between Hyrule and the Twilight Kingdom.

In a sequence early in the game, Link is told by Lanayru, a spirit of light, about how intruders from the Twilight Realm invaded Hyrule. In this sequence, three Dark Links appear, representing the intruders who attempted to control the Triforce. Although Lanayru’s story ends with the spirits of light saving Hyrule, it’s one of the most disturbing scenes in the game.

3 Zant breaks his neck

Zant breaking his neck;  Ganondorf dying in Twilight Princess

Ganondorf’s death at the very end of Twilight Princess is a gruesome and disturbing scene on its own. Link plunges the Master Sword into Ganondorf’s chest, as King Gerudo swears revenge. However, the staging of this scene seems to imply that it’s not the sword that kills Ganondorf, it’s a third party.

As Ganondorf’s Triforce comes out in his hand, there’s a brief cut to Zant, who is killed earlier in the game. Zant horribly snaps his neck to the side, then he immediately flips back to Ganondorf, who flinches once more, then dies standing. Not only is this moment very disturbing for a Nintendo game, but it’s also very confusing why this is happening.

2 Koloktos gets scarier the more you fight him

Link fighting the ancient automaton Koloktos in Skyward Sword

skyward sword is definitely a change of pace from Twilight Princess, leaning more towards the Wind Waker spectrum of things. However, the game contains its fair share of creepiness like any other Zelda Game. Aside from the general weirdness of Ghirahim, fans may also be confused by the small details.

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The ancient automaton Koloktos is the patron of the Ancient Cistern Temple, a giant Hindu-inspired bronze robot planted in the ground. However, what makes Koloktos really disturbing is that throughout the boss fight, the robot slowly begins to smile. When Link finally defeats him, players may even hear childish laughter.

1 The blood moon appears

Blood Moon as he appears in Breath of the Wild, changing Hyrule's aesthetic

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is nothing if not a detail-oriented game. Due to its open world nature, players can explore many areas of Hyrule, encounter characters and side quests that lean on the weird side of things. However, one event that most players will experience is the appearance of the Blood Moon.

Players can feel the Blood Moon coming as the sky slowly turns purple and Red Malice rises from the ground. Finally, a cutscene explains that Calamity Ganon’s power reaches its peak, reviving all fallen enemies. Depending on where the players are, the appearance of the blood moon can be a real nightmare.

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