The next Mega Man Show should be based on Mega Man X

the mega man The franchise has gone through many different iterations over the years, to the point that the franchise can be neatly divided into a number of sub-series that take place in different universes and different eras. Although each mega man series has its strengths and weaknesses, two in particular stand out from the others: the classic mega man series and its immediate sequel, Mega Man X. Mega Man X is well known for its sleek design, interesting twist on classic series elements, and iconic characters. Despite this, none of the existing six mega man the shows are based on it – and four of the shows are retellings of the classic mega man series. Now that Mega Man: Fully Charged is finished, the next mega man the show must be based on Mega Man X.


Mega Man X is considered one of the greatest games of all time, so it might seem odd that this series hasn’t been properly adapted to the screen over the past three decades. Technically speaking, the series received an adaptation in the form of The day of Σa 25-minute original video animation released in 2005. The day of Σ serves as a prequel to the games and explores X and Zero’s first clash against Sigma. Unfortunately, it was made as part of the marketing of Mega Man Maverick Hunter Xa remake of the first Mega Man X game, which did not go well. Fans never received a full TV adaptation of the Mega Man X series, which is a great opportunity for writers interested in telling an epic cyberpunk warfare story.

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A Brief History of Mega Man X

Mega Man Maverick Hunter X promotional artwork

It’s easy to see why the classic mega man the games are so enduring, but much of the series’ appeal – especially for modern fans – is shrouded in the series’ later developments. These include Bass’ existence as Mega Man’s rival and the developing sibling relationship between Mega Man and Proto Man. On the other hand, the Mega Man X The series has been dormant for years despite having one of the most immediately interesting settings and plots in the entire franchise. It is also one of the darkest mega man series there, and fans have been clamoring for a sequel ever since it ended on a cliffhanger in 2004.

The classic mega man the games explore a futuristic world where robots are everywhere, and generally useful robots continue to be reprogrammed to commit crimes by the evil Dr. Wily. In order to defend humanity, robotic defender Mega Man must fight his own. Mega Man X, on the other hand, explores the consequences of what happens when Mega Man fails. X is the younger brother of Mega Man, a robot designed to be infinitely adaptable and potentially more dangerous than anything Dr. Wily has created.

Luckily, he’s a benevolent soul who only wants to help people. Unfortunately, the world he was born into 100 years after the classic mega man games is anything but peaceful. X finds himself in a post-apocalyptic era that has been ecologically, technologically, and socially devastated by the collapse of high-tech, robot-building civilization. While Capcom has yet to fully explain what happened to the original. mega man cast, it’s clear that X needs to take up his brother’s fight.

Cyberpunk robot war

Shortly after X’s awakening, idealist Dr. Timothy Cain creates Reploids, a new type of robot inspired by X. Reploids are able to help rebuild the world, which soon takes on a cyberpunk hue. However, the discovery of Zero, a strange Reploid with no memories and incredible combat abilities heralds the end of X’s peaceful life. Zero racks up a body count before being stopped by Sigma, leader of the Maverick Hunters, whose job is to hunt down and recover the so-called “Mavericks” – reploids whose faulty programming makes them a danger to themselves and others. As Zero is quickly reprogrammed into a stoic yet friendly robot, Sigma goes completely insane and leads the rest of the Maverick Hunters into a bloody war against humanity. Although X doesn’t like to fight, he has to put on Mega Man’s iconic armor and stop him.

Although Sigma is apparently destroyed at the end of each Mega Man X game, each new title brings it back with an even more nightmarish scheme. It is revealed that Sigma is infected with the Maverick virus, a malicious computer virus that makes reploids violent towards humans. Even the most innocent Reploid can quickly become a killing machine under Sigma’s complete control. Soon, the world becomes a battleground between brainwashed robots and robots still fighting to protect their creators. The only ones immune to the virus are X and Zero, making them humanity’s only hope. Needless to say, this reluctant warrior has plenty of drama, especially when circumstances force his best friend Zero away from him.

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The zero dilemma

Zero is by far the most popular character in the Mega Man X series, and it’s easy to see why. Not only was he deliberately designed to be the character X was looking for in the game, but he consistently delivered awesome moments and top billing in a way that no classic character mega man has been. Mechanically, it was all about giving players a goal to achieve. On a storytelling level, this makes Zero an incredibly important part of Mega Man X‘s lore – especially since he’s responsible for everything that went wrong. Before his damaged memory transformed him into the rampaging berserker Sigma fought, Zero was the last and greatest creation of mega man classic villain Dr. Wily. It was built specifically to destroy X and finally take over the world in Dr. Wily’s name. The reason Zero can’t be infected with the Maverick virus is that he is the source of it.

The circumstances of Zero’s discovery recovery erased his memories of his original purpose, but this programming is still present in his systems. As the games continue and Sigma repeatedly pits X and Zero against each other in an effort to reawaken Zero’s original purpose, Zero begins to suspect the truth of his creation. Even though Zero was created to kill X, he is no longer capable of it – not without destroying himself. All the while, X comes to rely on Zero as the only one who still survives and comes back to him as the Maverick Wars escalate. This tragic bond alone could easily carry a show for several seasons.

From its iconic lead duo to its slick cyberpunk aesthetic to the desolate vision of the future it presents, Mega Man X has all the makings of a great TV show. Although the games are a little light on the narrative, they provide some amazing visuals and touch on themes that are still very relevant today, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. As long as Capcom is willing to take the risk of building on its more mature themes, such as death, loss, grief, and fear of hurting those you love, a Mega Man X show could be something really special. It would definitely be an interesting break before fans get another classic. mega man adaptation.

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