The show’s first installment, The Legend of War, includes the Vantage exhibit, a reworked Kings Canyon, and more

Please the legends are dead, Apex Legends season 14 is already live. The story is already going to bring some of the biggest changes the game has ever seen. The season you were waiting to return to Apex – because you didn’t like the state of the weapon pool, the legends you saw in every game, or you wanted something nostalgic while you played the game and revisit some of the old playgrounds of the Outlands, this season is for you.

You will discover the new common character, Vantage. She has a big weapon, a pet bat, and is extremely careful about using those two things on the battlefield. The fact that Vantage was a baby is that she was a very dangerous child.

Vantage is determined to defend her rightfully imprisoned mother, despite her gruesome murder on the frozen planet Pagos.

She’s a true representation of a scout character in Apex, and she’s an expert due to her skill and talent. By using a short or long range scope, Vantage can see enemies faster and easier and quickly determine what armor you’re wearing, how many teammates they have alive, and what armor they have too. With her Echo Relocation tactic, she can get to difficult areas while she’s there. She is also able to grab a custom rifle and pack a punch. If you like to see the competition coming from a mile and a half away, Vantage is for you.

In season 14, Kings Canyons is arguably the star of the show, even in the new season. The developers brought together many players with Relic, a rebuilt and slightly smaller version of Skull Town.

Photo by Respawn Entertainment.

In addition to Relic and many other points of interest and rotation options on the map, Kings Canyon has been revamped for its loot spawns and how loot was distributed across the map, which should attract many more points attractive landing spots for players. To a large extent, the devs are concerned about how certain changes to the map are designed to reduce the number of third parties that can occur, such as removing most of the balloons in the middle of the map and cutting other route paths that are behind The Battlefield. Many teams are trapped in conflict amid the narrow canyons, while others are still fighting. King Canyon might look like a completely different map in Season 14.

The weapons you see there will eventually change if the map doesn’t play like it used to. The Volt and the G7 Scout are in floor loot. Big weapon buffs like the EVA-8 Shotgun and 30-30 Repeater will keep variety in your inventory. There are also other gold items, legends buffs and nerfs, and more.

If you’re worried about Apex feeling tired or sad, Season 14 can help you out in the dark. This season, dive into games on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

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