The Walking Dead Spinoff Kills The Series’ Greatest Strength For Season 11

The ability to remove shock deaths at any time has always been a strength of The Walking Dead. Thanks to some spinoffs, it’s gone in season 11.

Have The Walking DeadThe multiple spin-offs to come have dulled the killer side of the series just when it was needed most? In September 2020, AMC confirmed The Walking Dead season 11 would unexpectedly end the television adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s iconic comic book series. Although The Walking DeadThe cast and crew were preparing to move on to season 12 and beyond (as confirmed by Negan himself, Jeffrey Dean Morgan), AMC added 8 more episodes to season 11 and ordered of liquidation. Although The Walking Dead will end soon, AMC’s Walking Dead the franchise will continue through more spinoffs than you can shake a severed zombie leg.


No television series has double-digit seasons by accident. Innovative zombie horror, mastery of suspense, and richly crafted main characters have all been potent weapons in The Walking Deaddramatic arsenal. Another is The Walking Deadwell-used block of, and during its ratings boom, The Walking Dead became famous as a show where anyone could die at any time – much like the Kirkman comics. This reputation has not always been positive (killing Carl Grimes remains a creative hollow), but The Walking Dead offered viewers an unpredictability that few TV shows were willing to match.

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Currently one third into its final season, The Walking Dead should approaching peak bloodbath levels. In 11 seasons, The Walking Dead ruthlessly killed off fan-favorite characters left and right, so surely shocking character exits should only intensify as the climax nears. This has not been the case so far in The Walking Dead season 11, and while there’s still plenty of time for the blood and guts to arrive, a huge obstacle stands in the way – future AMC spinoffs.

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When The Walking Deadwas announced, AMC also revealed that a spin-off starring Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon and Melissa McBride’s Carol Peletier was in development, confirming both Walking Dead the originals would survive the final season. As popular zombie apocalypse veterans, the threat of Carol and/or Daryl dying in The Walking Dead season 11 would have provided a huge source of tension, but the pair are now covered in plot armor so thick that even Shiva couldn’t pierce it. AMC to come Walking Dead The film provides another barrier against the deaths of characters in the final season. If Rick Grimes were to come back in The Walking Dead season 11, he’ll have to survive — otherwise those big-screen obligations can’t be fulfilled. And with Michonne’s story left open (probably also for the benefit of the film), Judith can consider herself safe from The Walking Deaduntil their mother-daughter story is resolved.

There are still a bunch of major characters who could potentially bite the dust in The Walking DeadMaggie’s final season, with Negan, Eugene, Rosita, Aaron, Gabriel, and Ezekiel being the most prominent. But the exclusion of Daryl and Carol from this list is significant. Once upon a time, The Walking Dead boasted of being TV’s most unpredictable show, where – just like during a real zombie outbreak (we guess) – anyone can die without warning. Many fans at the time might even have felt anxious anticipation about the distance. The Walking Dead would be set to compete in its final season, given the violence that preceded it. Instead, the apocalypse feels safer in Season 11 than in Season 5, 6, or 7, as some characters are isolated ahead of future projects.

Sure, The Walking Dead might have one hell of a surprise up its sleeve. To make up for the lack of danger surrounding its spin-off characters, the Season 11 finale could – if it’s feeling brave – kill everyone but Daryl, Carol, Rick, Michonne, and Judith in a massive Alexandria massacre, proving wholeheartedly that its famous edge hasn’t been dulled by old age. What The Walking Dead Can’t Afford is a final season where too many characters are spared because they’re being saved for later projects.

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